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Mar 24 15 8:17 PM

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Ladies and gentlemen, the pictures I want to share below can be considered, in my opinion, legendary.
They refer to the two games between Hungary and Italy at the 1948-1953 Central European International Cup, a prestigious competition won by Hungary.

Budapest 12/06/1949 Hungary-Italy 1-1 (Source: Il Calcio Illustrato 24 from 1949).


Rome 17/05/1953 Italy-Hungary 0-3 (Source: Il Calcio E Il Ciclismo Illustrato 21 from 1953).


The report from L'Unità from 14/12/1953 celebrating the Hungarian success.


The Mighty Magyars were almost unstoppable at that time. In 1952 they won the Olympic Games (with their full National team, although FIFA officially doesn't regard Helsinki '52 as a tournament for "A" teams). Then they conquered the 1948-1953 Central European International Cup. If they had won also the 1954 World Cup, they would have achieved a great slam, but were beat by West Germany in final.

Only Italy, in Europe, conquered the treble: 1934 World Cup, 1933-1935 Central European International Cup; 1936 Olympic Games (even if not fielding their best team).
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