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Jun 14 15 12:13 AM

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A few surprises, with Guinea-Bissau and Gambia drawing in Zambia and South Africa respectively, and Swaziland beating Guinea 2-1 in Morocco.

Zimbabwe won 2-1 in Malawi, but initially refused to travel due to financial disputes.  Luckily, "Walter Magaya, the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, stepped in to cover the $42,000 needed to cover the trip to Malawi."

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Aug 22 16 4:27 PM

Interesting quote from CAF re: the decision to allow a Senegal-born player to represent Guinea-Bissau.

The Committee established that the player does not fulfil criteria 7.a), and 7.b) above, since Guinea Bissau FA itself recognized that the player was born in Dakar, and that his parents were not born in Guinea Bissau.
“In terms of the clause 7.d), it requires that the player must have lived continuously for at least five years after reaching the age of 18 on the territory of the relevant association. The player has been resident in Guinea Bissau since April 2009, but he did play football abroad in Spain and Germany since then.
“In terms of clause 7.c), the Committee believes that Guinea Bissau FA fulfils this requirement since they have established that one of the grandmothers of the player,
Ngone Kane Diouf is from Guinea Bissau.
“Based on the above elements, the Organizing Committee considers that the player has fulfilled the obligation of article 7.c) of the Regulations Governing the Application of the Statutes, and that the player is deemed eligible. Consequently, the result of the match played versus Zambia on 4 June 2016 stands”.

It's just as well he had a grandmother from Guinea-Bissau! The acceptance of the above is surprising. According to their own documents he played for foreign teams for four of those years.

Ciudad Vicar – 2008/2009
Las Norias FC – 2009/2010
Union Meppen – 2013/2014
A.D. Polideportivo Aquadulce Club – 2014/2015

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Aug 22 16 5:35 PM

Grandparent rule seems enough these days, regardless of residency.

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Aug 22 16 8:52 PM

I'm aware. What I meant to say was that it was just as well he met FIFA's criteria through the grandmother because CAF's reasoning that the player was also eligible through being a permanent resident of Guinea-Bissau despite playing in Spain and Germany seems misjudged.

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Aug 22 16 11:07 PM

Hmm, yes you are right that that rule is the most fudgable.

I suppose a player can own (or rent) property in more than one country and name either as home for residence purposes. It could be the same for other professions where the employment involves being away for long periods e.g. oil rig or military tour.

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Jan 17 17 9:15 PM

Egypt coach Hector Cuper: "My strategy is to choose the right set of players to win a match"

It would be strange to do otherwise... deep coaching philosophy. Guardiola take note.

Mali coach Alain Giresse: "For us this was just about getting back to work after our somewhat interminable journey to get here, although we are not the only ones in that boat."

Why did they travel by boat?!

Reminds me of a quote from a Sierra Leone player (or official) after an away match in the 1950s, something along the lines "we might have done better if the FA had booked a higher class accommodation and we didn't have to sleep overnight on the boat deck with the chickens and dogs"

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Jan 20 17 8:35 PM

Furthering your theory from the other day, all international/representitive fixtures should take precedence in the daily result readings. The scenes when people wanting to hear the result of the Manchester derby have to wait until after the B match between Skaneland and Raetia has been announced...

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