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Sep 21 15 6:46 PM

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(published 14 March 1968)
"Haiti have been kicked out of the Olympic soccer tournament and fined 500 Swiss Francs for fielding at least one professional player in the Haitian team which played Costa Rica."

Considering that Haiti had already been eliminated in December 1967 by Costa Rica, does this suspension refer to the next tournament in 1972?   Haiti did not participate in the qualifiers for 1972  (nor 1976 either).   Anyone have more clues?

BTW an article in "La Nación" refers to the professionals, apparently Vorbe and St Vil based on their time at clubs in the USA.

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Sep 23 15 9:37 AM

Hard to say. Greece were disqualified (albeit by their FA) from the 1964 Olympics for using professionals, but they competed at the 1968 edition.

Le Nouvelliste from December 11, 1967 reports the Haitian line-up with Philippe Vorbe and Guy Saint-Vil, who were registered for U.S. clubs at that time.

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Sep 23 15 6:49 PM

"Nouvelliste" is strange. In the edition of 13th March 1968 there is a headline about this but apparently no story! Unless I missed it somehow. The story under the headline is talking about a visit of Detroit Cougars.

It also mentions a supposed 4 match tour of Haiti in late April 1968. This is mentioned right up to a couple of days beforehand, and then there is no follow up of any results nor a notice of cancellation...

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