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Oct 17 15 5:29 PM

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In July 1945 an unofficial Tnmt was held in Switzerland, to celebrate the local FA’s Jubilee.


Switzerland ”A”, Switzerland “B” and England.

Switzerland ”A” and England (the latter one officially called “Combined Services XI) were “de facto” the NTs, while Switzerland “B” was a weakened Team.

Known results:

. 21 July 1945, in Bern (Wankdorf Stadion, not Neufeld Stadion, as erroneously reported in RSSSF – War Time/ Victory Internationals),

Switzerland ”A” – England 3-1

. 24 July 1945, in Zurich (Hardturm Stadion), Switzerland “B” – England 0-3.

Source : “Corriere dello Sport”.


In addition, in RSSSF is reported, without further details:

. Switzerland “B” – Switzerland “A” 3-1 (third Tnmt’s Match).

Does someone know the missing main details (date, city, venue)?



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Oct 18 15 8:48 PM

Thanks: now everything is clear. In my opinion, the Tournament was not a . . . Tournament (as reported in RSSSF), because only a single (unofficial) Match was played to celebrate the 50th Swiss FA Jubilee: Switzerland - England (3-1).
The second one (Switzerland "B" vs England) was an exhibition Match: as a matter of fact, the English Team was labelled England XI.
The third match (the first, in order of time) between Switzerland "A" and "B" sides (result: 2-1, not 3-1) was a training match, to choose the best Team to face England. 


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