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Nov 11 15 9:33 AM

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According to FIFA, CONCACAF and TCIFA themselves, they were founded in 1996.


Yet according to CONCACAF, they were associate members of CONCACAF in 1994.

April 23, 1994: For the fourth time, CONCACAF held its (19th) Ordinary and (15th) Extraordinary Congresses at the same time in New York City (USA) … Thirty CONCACAF-affiliated national associations attended the meetings at The Plaza Hotel under the chairmanship ofPresident Jack Warner of Trinidad & Tobago ... The following individuals were elected to Exceutive Committee positions: Lisle Austin of Barbados, CONCACAF Vice-President - Caribbean Zone; Canada's Jim Fleming, CONCACAF Vice-President - North American Zone; Rafael Salguero of Guatemala, CONCACAF Executive Committee Member - Central American Zone; and Costa Rica's Isaac Sasso Sasso, FIFA Executive Committee Member - Central American Zone … CONCACAF also granted full membership to theDominican Football Federation and associated memberships to Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Turks & Caicos Islands.

How is this possible? Simply inaccurate record keeping?
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Nov 11 15 10:39 AM

They might have been formed under another name?

"  The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) was only formed on paper in 1996. They had no pitch, no players, no league and a patch of dirt on which to start with. The country has no history whatsoever in football, and the national pastime is dominoes. The sporting choice of the youth is basketball, in common with many Caribbean countries."

They were only associate members of CONCACAF in 1994 (full members in 1996?), so maybe they only count their formation as when they were accepted as full members.

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Nov 12 15 8:15 PM

That logo in your picture above isn't the original logo of the TCIFA. The original was a football with the national crest superimposed, and didn't give a year.

Maybe it was one of those scenarios where the FA existed only in Jack Warner's imagination, so he had one more vote.

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