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Dec 9 15 7:18 PM

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I see today that Jersey have applied for membership of UEFA. UEFA officials have said that they will carry out a visit to the island in 2016.
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Dec 10 15 4:04 PM

Guernsey seem to have integrated themselves further with England (with Guernsey FC playing in the English leagues). The Isle of Man should also be interested if Jersey are accepted. Then we just have Monaco and Vatican City. After that, I don't think there are any further serious potential UEFA members (Åland, Alderney, Sark, etc. do not appear interested/capable/eligible).

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Dec 11 15 4:02 PM

I forgot about Greenland. My brain must have been confused with the thought of a huge North American island being in UEFA.

They would become the 2nd largest country in UEFA after Russia if they were allowed to join.

Recently, Greenland beat Denmark at futsal - Denmark are an average futsal team, but this was a good result for Greenland. They are unbeaten in their 4 futsal internationals so far (2 wins v Faroe Islands, 1 win and a draw v Denmark). Apparently, they are focusing more on futsal due to the sport being better suited to the Greenlandic climate.

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Dec 11 15 5:16 PM

Good luck to them. Most of the potential reasons for not accepting them would be invalid in comparison to some other UEFA members, so I hope they aren't blocked.

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Dec 12 15 1:16 AM

I wonder if Catalonia did become independent, whether the Spanish league would still continue with the same clubs anyway so that "El Clasico" would still be a regular money maker.

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Dec 13 15 10:14 PM

A 16-team Catalonian "La Lliga" would look something like this (numbers are current tier in Spanish league system).

1 Barcelona
1 Espanyol
2 Gimnàstic de Tarragona
2 Girona
2 Unió Esportiva Llagostera
3 Reus Deportiu
3 Unió Esportiva Cornellà
3 Lleida Esportiu
3 Centre d'Esports L'Hospitalet
3 Pobla de Mafumet
3 Badalona
3 Unió Esportiva Olot
3 Centre d'Esports Sabadell
4 Associació Esportiva Prat
4 Esport Club Granollers
4 Montañesa

Not much competition for Barcelona. There are plenty other countries with only 1 or 2 powerful teams, but none with such a powerful team as Barcelona as the only powerful team.

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Dec 13 15 10:29 PM

As the Catalonian league will be less attractive, it will be more difficult for Barcelona to attract players as Messi, Neymar and Suárez. In future such kind of players will go elsewhere. Look what happened i.e. with Red Star Belgrade, even though they still had sronger opposition after former Yugoslavia finally became Serbia.

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Dec 14 15 1:01 AM

I think there were other reasons for the Red Star example, but the point does stand. Probably the Catalonia league would be more like the Welsh league, with the best Welsh teams playing in the English divisions.

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Sep 2 16 8:00 PM

"If you look at Gibraltar, there are 30,000 people there and until recently they only had one football pitch.
"We're miles ahead of them in terms of football and football development, but it's this political hurdle that we're going to have to get over."

Is Jersey serious suggesting that its political hurdles are higher than Gibraltar (or Kosovo) ?!

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Oct 3 16 11:20 PM

Their application was rejected.

Jersey FA are expected to appeal to the CAS.

Jersey are to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after their bid to join UEFA was turned down.

The Jersey Football Association were told that the island fails to meet the criteria for affiliation because Article 5 of the UEFA Statutes, relating to "independent states" under the United Nations, is "not satisfied".

Representatives from UEFA visited the island, a crown dependency of Great Britain, in September to meet with Jersey football officials.

"This was the response we expected," said JFA president Phil Austin. "From a footballing perspective we more than meet the criteria.

"In rejecting our application, the executive of UEFA have said that they're not putting our application forward to the congress. We don't think the executive have the authority to do that, we think it should go to congress."

Jersey submitted a bid to leave the English FA and join UEFA in December 2015.

Last Edited By: Blue Lou Oct 3 16 11:25 PM. Edited 2 times.

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Oct 4 16 8:25 AM

Blue Lou wrote:
"independent states" under the United Nations, is "not satisfied". 
Representatives from UEFA visited the island
Not convinced it was necessary for the suits to go on an expenses-paid jolly to Jersey to figure that out...   perhaps they might also go on a "fact-finding mission" to the Seychelles to see whether they are in Europe or not.

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Oct 4 16 10:37 AM

agree, strange they come to that conclusion....Wink02

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