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Jan 16 16 2:50 PM

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I read on Rsssf an interesting update on this Subject.
Question is about the last four final matches.
No venue is reported in Rsssf.
I checked on "Almanacco del Calcio 1974" and found:
Sf         Nigeria - Egypt  4-2  in Lagos
Sf         Guinea - Ghana  2-1 in Ibadan
3rd Pl   Egypt - Gnana 2-1 in Lagos
final        Nigeria - Guinea  2-0  in Lagos
Above is confirmed on web  ("Home of Football and Statistics History")
Discrepancies only on final date.
Rsssf :           Jan 16
Almanacco : Jan 17 
Web:             Jan 18
Who is right?

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Jan 16 16 7:43 PM

I updated only the qualifying (all zones). Data from various newspapers and magazines of the period, building on previous research by Mark, and another friend of mine, about 2 years ago.
But we looked only at qualifying. We didn't address the finals in Nigeria. I will do that next, since you ask.

Meanwhile, my hunch is that the final was on the 18th January, as that was the closing date of the Games overall. Normally, the football final is on the same day as the closing ceremony.

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Jan 18 16 10:45 PM

OK, here we go. Correct version:

14- 1-73 Nigeria 4-2 Egypt [at Lagos]
14- 1-73 Guinea 2-1 Ghana [at Ibadan]

Bronze medal match
16- 1-73 Egypt 2-1 Ghana [at Lagos]

Gold medal match
18- 1-73 Nigeria 2-0 Guinea [at Lagos]

Matches at Lagos were at the new National Stadium (Surulere). Matches at Ibadan were at the Liberty Stadium.

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Jan 19 16 10:01 AM

The newspaper (Lagos Daily Times) didn't bother to give many goal-scorers for the finals matches, and only gave lineups for 2 matches, so if anybody has another source for those then let me know. Obviously there is good info for Algeria and Egypt online, and I also have good info on Tanzania, but for some of the other countries the info is patchy at best.

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