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The 2000 Asian Cup website is available on archive.org - most of their pages have been archived.


Lebanon Beats Kuwait 3-1

In a friendly match for their preparation to the Asian Football Championship in October, Lebanon entertained his fans and was able to defeat Kuwait 3-1, in the opener of the Tripoli Stadium.

The Lebanese goals were all scored in the second half, dominated by the local team, by Haytham el Zein through an assist of the Lebanese -Brazilian born- Gilberto, the second was scored by Rida Antar, and the third, with a superb free kick shot by Youssef Mohamed.

It's the first defeat for the Kuwaiti team in 12 matches and after having beaten AC Milan earlier in this month, 2-0.

Lebanon's coach, the Croatian Josep Skoblar will fly to South America, continent of nearly 14 millions  Lebanese origin populated, in the upcoming week to draft Lebanese (Argentineans & Brazilian born) players.

- For Lebanon: Haytham el Zein (54th), Ridda Antar (76th), Youssef Mohamed (90th) 
- For Kuwait: Bashar Abdullah (40th)

Yellow Cards:
- Lebanon: Gilberto Dos Santos (57th), Jamal Taha (89th) 
- Kuwait: Hussein Al-Khodari (25th)

Red Cards:
- Kuwait: Falah Dabshah (46th) 


Lebanon: Ali Fakih - Youssef Mohamed, Hussein Daher, Korken Inkibarian, Faysal Antar - Jamal Taha, Abbas Shahrour (46th Rabih Othman; 74th Mohamed Rida), Nasrat Al-Jamal (53rd Rida Antar), Ahmed Naamani - Gilberto Dos Santos (88th Ali Mtayrek), Haytham el Zein (79th Zaher Al-Indari)

Kuwait: Falah Dabsheh (46th Shehab Mohamed) - Hussein Al-Khodari, Mohamed Bnayyan (74th Khalaf Nhair Al-Shemmari), Jamal Mubarak, Ahmed Al-Mtiri - Ussama Hussein, Issam Sakin, Badr Hajji (61st Walid Al-Briki), Abdullah Wabran - Bashar Abdullah, Khalaf Salama.