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Feb 7 16 7:03 PM

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Around the early to mid 1960’s there were two Hungarian referees with the surname/family name of Balla: Gyula Balla and Béla Balla.

According to the Hungarian referee website Gyula Balla refereed circa 1956 - 1972 and Béla Balla circa 1959 – 1964.

I am looking to establish which Balla referred the following three European matches:

1961-62 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (27/09/1961) – Spartak KPS Brno v Leipzig XI.
Donald Ford’s Fairs Cup book just records the referee as Balla. Romeo Ionescu in his series of European Cup books has Gyula Balla.

1962-63 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (03/10/1962) – Petrolul Ploiesti v Spartak Brno ZJS.
Donald Ford’s Fairs Cup book just records the referee as Balla. Romeo Ionescu in his series of European Cup books has Gyula Balla.

1963-64 European Cup Winners Cup (16/10/1963) – NK Dinamo Zagreb v Linzer ASK.
UEFA and Europa Pokal Almanac just record the referee as Balla. IFFHS have Béla Balla.

I have corresponded with Romeo Ionescu in respect of the two Inter-Cities Fairs Cup matches but he couldn’t recall exactly where he got Gyula Balla from. It is possible he just assumed Gyula Balla was correct without realising there was also Béla Balla to consider.

Does anybody have any additional (contemporary) sources that might confirm which Balla is correct?

NB: There was also a third referee called Balla, Károly Balla but as he refereed for the period 1946 – 1959 I think he can be discounted.
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Feb 8 16 12:10 AM

I don't have time to look into it myself, and, as your other posts suggest a possible flurry of such questions, I recommend that you try to find match reports / previews in relevant newspapers of the period. I don't know whether you have tried already.

Czechoslovakia "Rudé Právo" -
East Germany (various titles at ZEFYS)

etc (elsewhere on this forum various people have flagged up useful newspaper archives in various topics)

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Feb 8 16 8:29 PM

Thank you nfm24 and Luca for your replies.

Yes, I have used most of the online archive newspapers that you mention. I will search the forum to see if there are any that I am unaware of.
You were also correct nfm24 that I was going to post more queries, I will hold back for now. I am sure I will still be left with many queries and unless I post them other viewer may not even be aware of the discrepancies.

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Feb 9 16 5:42 PM

There is no problem in posting many queries (this forum is full of them), it just helps to know what depth of source has already been considered. Regarding this particular query, perhaps Hungarian sources would clarify, maybe contact the guys at the magyar futball website.

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Feb 12 16 4:09 PM

Alternatively, you can try to contact the most important libraries of Romania, Croatia and Hungary, asking them if they can please consult the newspapers from those days and if they can tell you the names mentioned by the articles.

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Feb 13 16 10:58 AM

My apologies. I should have stated in my original post the additional sources I had also checked e.g. Rude Pravo, Arbeitur Zeitung and Neues Deutschland.

Neues Deutschland or Arbeitur Zeitung didn’t provide any clues as to the forename of Balla.

In the brief report in Rude Pravo for the Petrolul Ploiesti v Spartak Brno ZJS match there is mention of the referee as Bela. However, I am undecided as whether this can be taken as confirmation of the forename or is just a miss-spelling of the surname (Balla)?

I will give the guys at magyar futball website a try. I did try the Hungarian FA but didn’t receive a reply.

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Apr 26 17 8:19 PM

Further to my query above I have since come across a small newspaper cutting from Sportske Novosti for the NK Dinamo Zagreb v Linzer ASK match - 1963-64 European Cup Winners Cup (16/10/1963)

The referee is listed as "Dula Bal". Given the often comical translation / interpretation from Serbian / Croatian sources I am presuming the referee in question is Gyula Balla.

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#8 [url]

Apr 26 17 10:27 PM

Yes it must be becase the newspaper cutting spells it "Đula" which has the same pronunciation as "Gyula" in Hungarian.

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