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Feb 7 16 7:17 PM

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I have only ever come across two referee substitutions in the history of the European Cups, both from 2002-03:

UEFA Champions League (29/10/2002) - Newcastle United v FK Dynamo Kyiv, where José Javier LOSANTOS OMAR replaced Juan Antonio FERNANDEZ MARIN at half time.

UEFA Cup (05/03/2003) - TS Wisla Kraków v SS Lazio, where Kenneth CLARK replaced Stuart DOUGAL after 15 minutes.

Does anyboby know of any other instances?
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Feb 9 16 6:06 PM

The only effective way to find all cases over all Eurocup matches would be via the original referee reports which should have been submitted to UEFA (assuming they have been archived there in some form).

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Feb 25 16 10:15 AM

Not in a club competition, but still interesting:

2000 European Championship


Belgium-Turkey 0-2

The Danish referee Kim Milton Nielsen was replaced by the Austrian referee Günter Benkö after 41 minutes because of an injury.
The moment of the substitution can be seen at minute 42:34 of this video.

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Feb 25 16 7:44 PM

It's a pedantic point, but how do we define the exact moment that the referee substitution took place? For players, we normally give the minute when the new player first enters the field, but for referees it is more like the moment that the command is passed to the 4th official... which is not always discernable.

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Sep 4 16 3:07 PM

Another referee replacement found from the early round of this season's Europa League:

2016-17 UEFA Europa League
4 August 2016 - London - West Ham United FC v NK Domžale (3-0)

French referee Fredy Fautrel replaced by fourth official Lionel Jaffredo after 54 minutes due to injury.

The initial UEFA appointments were:
Referee: Fredy Fautrel (FRA)
Assistant referee 1: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Assistant referee 2: Julien Pacelli (FRA)
Fourth official: Lionel Jaffredo (FRA)


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Oct 3 16 8:46 PM

What a mistakea to makea!

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