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Feb 27 16 8:32 PM

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Why did HIFK (Helsinki) withdraw from the 1972-73 UEFA Cup? They had been drawn against Hvidovre IF (Denmark). I have looked on the internet and cannot find any specific reason given. They qualified from the 1971 (April to October) season by finishing second in the league. The only reason I can guess at is that by the time they were due to play in September 1972 they had been relegated from the 1972 (April to October) season. Did UEFA still ‘ban’ clubs from playing in European competition who were not in their country’s top division? Perhaps HIFK withdrew because they thought they were guaranteed to be beaten (heavily)?

The Finnish wikipedia entry just says “Gave up the 1972/73 season the UEFA cup” I found a Finnish forum which asks the same question but I am not sure an answer is given? It also appears that HIFK is confused with HJK (Helsinki)? Was it in fact HJK who withdrew?

Can anyone help clarify the position and provide the precise reason for the HIFK’s withdrawl?
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Feb 29 16 7:08 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
they disbanded   [..]  That would seem to be quite a good reason not to play

A poor excuse.   RCS and CIS continued after their countries disbanded... I say that in such cases, teams should be forced to fulful the fixture even if their players are now at other clubs, or retired.   Also in general, teams in European competitions should only use the players (and coach) who helped them qualify the previous season.   E.g. Hiddink should be allowed to coach Chelsea only in the league, but in Europe Mourinho has to do it.  This should be the policy going forward.

Yours etc,
T. Sexwale

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