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Mar 30 16 9:08 AM

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yesterday, Jordan Lukaku made his second game for the Belgian national team

He gave the assist on the head of his brother Romelu who scored the Belgian goal

I do not think this kind of fact happens often on the level of international football...

also strange: Jordan was the only player that plays in the Belgian competition and not in Anderlecht, Gent or Brugge but in Oostende.....

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Apr 19 16 8:54 PM

Luca wrote:
A magic moment was also lived by Luciano and Italo Vassallo on January 21, 1962, in the Africa Cup of Nations


Luciano receiving the trophy from the Emperor.

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Jun 11 16 9:26 AM

An interesting note about today's match between Albania and Switzerland.

Granit Xhaka of Switzerland may play against his brother Taulant Xhaka of Albania.

A similar precedent occurred at the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, when Jérôme Boateng of Germany faced his brother Kevin-Prince Boateng of Ghana.


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Jun 11 16 12:34 PM

J.Boateng being one of only two Ghanaians to have won the world cup (it can be a quiz for you : who was the other?)

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Sep 16 16 10:21 PM

An earlier example of brothers playing for different national teams from the 1950s: Szeto Man played for Taiwan as a forward, while his brother Szeto Yiu played for Hong Kong as a full-back. Sometimes they played on the same side, when the HKFA put out an All-Hong Kong team to play against visitors, but in competitive events (e.g. Asian Cup 1956) they were on different sides.

The 1956 Asian Cup timetabling was particularly cack-handed, given that the finals began before the qualifiers had actually been completed. This meant that Szeto Yiu played for HK in the opening finals match vs Israel, one day before his brother played for Taiwan in the last qualifier in Taipei.

For the 1956 tournament there was also a rule that extra time would be played in the event of a draw, but on both occasions where the match was tied after 80 minutes, there was insufficient light to play on so the referee declared the result a draw anyway.

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Feb 16 17 11:09 PM

Another example of brothers playing against each other:
on 24-Aug-1975 in the Ghana-Nigeria Sports Festival, Nigeria fielded Yakubu Ahmed as a substitute while his younger brother Mohammed Ahmed 'Polo' was in the Ghana lineup.

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Mar 8 17 9:53 AM

On 14/11/2001, Portugal faced Angola for a friendly game in Lisbon. Lito Vidigal, of Angola, could have played against his brother, Luís, but unfortunately the latter was injured and could not appear for Portugal.

Also John Goodall (England) could have played against his brother Archie Goodall (Ireland), but the international career of the former ended in 1898, while the international career of the latter began in 1899.

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