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Apr 13 16 12:58 PM

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Besides Kosovo, any news on nations that applied for fifa membership in 2016? Apparently Sint Maarten was going to apply this year, along with Zanzibar, Tuvalu, and Kiribati. 

With Tuvalu and Kiribati, the situation is kind of difficult. I feel if the two countries had an adequate stadium and headquarters that they would be admitted to FIFA, given that they are part of the UN and are independent countries. However, the two countries aren't going to be able to fund these projects by themselves, so they need FIFA or OFC to help them. Think we all know OFC aren't gonna be too much of a help. 

For Sint Maarten, if they did actually apply, they should have been admitted into FIFA. They have a stadium that could host tournaments, so I don't see it being an issue of being able to host a world cup qualifier. However, maybe FIFA wants to see them continue to be active before admitting them into FIFA. 

As for Zanzibar, I read that they are asking permission from Tanzania, but I do not see them being admitted to FIFA because they aren't an independent nation and they already tried this several times before. Im not sure if Tanzanias permission will help at all. 

Finally for Kosovo, I just don't see them getting in. I just believe theres going to be too much backlash from neighboring countries. 
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Apr 13 16 3:19 PM

I posted a link in another thread - Kosovo is the only applicant this year.

Also, Sint Maarten (like Zanzibar) is not an independent nation. It may be styled as a "nation", but it is still a Dutch territory.

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Apr 13 16 4:34 PM

Kosovo isn't also an independent country (not recognised because they are not a member of UN), if they are admitted , I hope FIFA will  also think about other FA's, like Jersey and Martinique... 

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Apr 13 16 6:10 PM

There is no real reason to discount certain established "football countries" like Sint Maarten due to political status alone (regardless of what the FIFA statutes say at any given instant), except possibly that FIFA may want to dissuade other more awkward autonomous regions or sub-countries from applying in future. The status of places like Gibraltar and Sint Maarten is not significantly different from likes of Bermuda and Curacao. It is just quirks of timing that led to some being in the club before the gates were shut.

In the case of sovereign states like Tuvalu and Kiribati, it would be anyhow irresponsible of them to accede to FIFA's conditions. Building a large stadium and hotel would practically bankrupt the island, meaning they would be unable to fight off global warming and would ultimately become submerged. Eventually Tuvalu would just become a large underwater stadium with the only part above water being the FIFA "for the good of the game" flag. For these countries it would be in their best interests all round not to have anything to do with FIFA until such time as FIFA is prepared to reach out to them in a realistic and practical way.

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Apr 13 16 6:19 PM

On the latter point, it would be good to see an organization setup to provide actual football help to places like Tuvalu and Kiribati. E.g. providing coaching, arranging donations of football equipment and administrative help to setup and run regular competitions and social games both internally and externally if possible. A good example was the Dutch campaign which helped Tuvalu a lot. But this needs to be generalized.

All the "non-FIFA" organizations have so far shown themselves to be inadequate in this regard, preferring instead to mess around holding "World Cups" for semi-fictional pseudo-nations and "ethnic teams" of dubious authenticity rather than work harder to involve/assist the genuine countries which actually need help.   It is actually FIFA which has done the most for such countries by occasionally giving charity funds/equipment or allowing them to join in with certain events, but this has been done only in a sporadic and unreliable way.

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Apr 14 16 12:54 PM

Thanks for the responses. I wasn't saying that Tuvalu or Kiribati should build their own stadiums or hotels by any means, but until FIFA helps, those two countries are gonna be left out of FIFA.
If Sint Maarten did apply this year for membership, I honestly do not know what would be holding them back too much.

Depending on you wanna look at it, Kosovo can be classified as an independent nation even though they arent recognized by the UN. However, Im still predicting that they don't get in this time around.

Honestly they should atleast accept independent countries and get it over with. Then focused on the ones that arent exactly "indepedent". Just my opinion

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Apr 14 16 2:23 PM

Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana should be priorities in CONCACAF rather than Sint Maarten (as teams who have shown they can qualify or nearly qualify consistently for the continental championship).

In Oceania, Tuvalu has shown the most promise, and Kiribati has at least shown a willingness to compete (in futsal as well as football).

Independent countries - Monaco, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Vatican City haven't really shown any willingness to join any official organisations. That leaves Tuvalu, Kiribati, Micronesia and Palau.

In my opinion, the "independent" part is not so important - as I mentioned above, the 3 French CONCACAF territories would be much more "productive" FIFA members than any of the 4 Oceania independent countries. Réunion and Zanzibar from CAF would also be half-decent. Mayotte has, for some reason, not applied to join CAF, but they would still be streets ahead of the likes of Micronesia in terms of already having certain structures and football interest already in place. Isle of Man/Jersey/Guernsey are also light years ahead of Monaco, despite not being independent (IOM demonstrated this with their 10-0 win over Monaco recently).

As I see it, there are only around 20 or so potential members, only 12 of which would be serious priorities. Only 5 of these would have a chance of breaking the FIFA Top 100 (Kosovo, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion), with Zanzibar and Mayotte hovering between middle and bottom, and the rest being almost constantly at the bottom.

UEFA: Kosovo (Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Monaco, Vatican City)
CONMEBOL: (Falkland Islands)
CONCACAF: Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana (Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Pierre & Miquelon)
CAF: Réunion, Zanzibar, Mayotte (Western Sahara)
AFC: Northern Mariana Islands
OFC: Tuvalu, Kiribati, Palau, Micronesia (Nauru, Marshall Islands, Niue, Tokelau)

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Apr 14 16 6:00 PM

Eagles wrote:
Honestly they should atleast accept independent countries and get it over with.
Any potential new member has to (at the very least) have a Football Association which is enthusiastic and/or competent enough to justify inclusion alongside real football countries.  Regardless of stadiums and hotels, there needs to be an ongoing relatively self-sufficient structure with local competitions and potentially international involvement.  Of course, it's a Catch-22 because it is extremely hard for a very small country to sustain this by itself when it is outside of the international football community.

But look at it from FIFA's point of view for a moment.  You can't just accept anybody who applies with no tangible "proof" that they have football-organizing intentions.  New members would be eligible for many thousands of dollars of FIFA money and so it does make sense to put some practical restrictions in place before letting just any dodgy Pacific Jack-Warner-wannabe to setup a nominal FA and bag the cash.  Most of the remaining independent countries don't have an existing football structure to a sufficient degree.   My argument above was that FIFA should act as a catalyst and encourage this, rather than sitting and waiting for them to evolve on their own.  Otherwise things will move in cycles of occasional enthusiasm - one vigorous person may arrive and setup a league for a few years but then it will die away again.  These countries are very small and subject to fluctuations like this.  And FIFA's policy that the FA must be free from government control is basically unworkable in such cases.

The places which are not independent but do have a thriving football community  - these places are (indirectly) affiliated to FIFA via the mother country so it is far far easier for them to maintain a good football structure.   What they lack is just the status of being football-independent, as separate FIFA members, which includes (but is not limited to) fielding a "national" team in the World Cup.  If this is something they really want then (like Gibraltar) they can fight and fight for it and it becomes a bit of a lottery* whether they can fight their way in.

* or a political argument

I'm not sure why Sint Maarten should be in such good shape to qualify compared to these other places like Gibraltar which have been trying for years and have been considerably more active.   Even Tuvalu has been more active than Sint Maarten.

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Apr 14 16 8:02 PM

I love Greenland. I encourage Greenland to join Concacaf anytime. Send me a cheque and I will personally ensure that this happens.

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Apr 14 16 11:25 PM

junior17 wrote:
Greenland is also a good candidate, but once again forgotten on this forum

It was an oversight. Not intentional. You speak like we have some sort of prejudice against Greenland. Toerag.

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#14 [url]

Apr 14 16 11:54 PM

I also missed out Norfolk Island and Pitcairn Island and Saint Helena and Saba and Sint Eustatius. What the hell was I thinking? I fear my days on this forum are numbered, and I will soon be replaced by an animatronic slab of Swiss cheese, which hates Greenland.

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Apr 24 16 7:26 PM

I wonder if it will be done by the same scientific method as Gibraltar's UEFA vote, when Platini just called for a show of hands and declared them members. Even the Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club had a better following of constitutional protocol...

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May 3 16 5:53 PM

mjhiggins498 wrote:
FIFA will now be voting on Gibraltar's membership thank to the CAS:
That isn't quite what FIFA have said, but hopefully you are right.

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