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Apr 14 16 10:56 AM

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is it correct: the EAC qualifiers will be played in Guam, but without Guam?
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Apr 14 16 11:18 AM

Yes - an article in the Guam news explained that this was the case. I think they will host the men's and women's qualifiers at the same time, so at least Guam women will be there.

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Apr 14 16 5:34 PM

Hmm... one would have thought Guam could put in a home-based team or youth team at least and play hors concours. Or invite Brunei for fun.
Maybe NMI can actually win that 3-team group.

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Jun 4 16 11:09 PM

Chinese Taipei should be weel prepared by playing Asian Cup playoffs now in June.

NMI is having a training camp in Philippines in June.

Macau is playing two matches against Guangzhou R&F . Lost 0-2 at home , playing today away.

Not sure what Mongolia is doing.

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Jul 6 16 5:01 PM

nfm24 wrote:
jonny wrote:
Not sure what Mongolia is doing.
Waiting to use the element of surprise :-)

Incidentally, judging by Facebook, their preparation consisted of two games between the Mongolia national team and a selection of foreigners from the Mongolian league.  

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