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Jul 15 16 8:05 AM

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As interesting as the results I've been getting in the last couple days are, I would like to try an elo system. Is there any automated elo programs (especially web based) that anyone knows about? I thought I was in luck when I found, but it seems to be very clunky (results aren't always added, and it's a pain in the ass to sit there and wait for everything to be added).

Anyway, what I wanted to do is only add games into the elo system when countries of a certain range of wealth/population play each other. and if a country with less wealth/population beats a country with more wealth/population, those results might also be added.
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Jul 16 16 3:03 PM

nfm24 wrote:
It sounds like you should write your own spreadsheet (or start from a template online) and play around that way.

Thanks, I'm looking into it.

edit: this is a total bytch, and i'm not just talking about all the data entry. what really screws elo rankings up in international sports is the few amount of games played (as i'm sure roonba has known for years). but in this situation it's even worse. here are the main problems i encounter:

1. very few (sometimes too few) matches per year (or in some cases per decade) with countries of relatively similar available populations playing each other
2. too many countries only playing games within their conference (this makes the small countries for Oceania completely unable to be rated because none of them play outside their conference)
3. countries with extremely small available population and normal population being disadvantaged against countries with a small available population but lots of regular population (when I first calculated available population I didn't plan to do elo rankings for such small countries). I have been forced to remove a handful of tiny countries which helps the problem, but does not completely eliminate it.
Other than that the rankings so far look nice.

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