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Jul 20 16 8:32 PM

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I have a few questions about Consolation Tournament in Antwerp.

1. Which version of the tournament is correct?

a) The Bergvall system (for my quasi-Bergvall system) - In this tournament played only quarterfinalists and teams that lost with the champion.
1 round
Norway - Italy 1:2 (quartefinlists)
Spain - Sweden 2:1 (quarterfinalists)
2 round
Italy - Spain 0:2 (winners of the first round)
3 round
Spain - Czechoslovakia (Czechoslovakia disqaulified) (the best quartefinalist vs team that lost in final)
Netherlands - Poland (Poland didn't participate because of the war with Russia) (semifinalist that lost with the champion vs team beaten by champion in the first round)
4 round (final)
Spain - Netherlands 3:1
What about the match Yugoslavia - Egypt 2:4? This is a friendly game?
Why France (the second semifinalist) didn't participate to this tournament with this rules?

b) Consolation tournament open for every teams
1 round
Yugoslavia - Egypt 2:4
byes: Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain
withdraw: Denmark, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Greece.
2 round
Norway - Italy 1:2
Spain - Sweden 2:1
byes: France and Netherlands (probably beacause this teams are semifinalists)
3 round (1/2 finals)
Italy - Spain 0:2
Netherlands - France (France withdraw)
4 round (final)
Spain - Netherlands 3:1

What is the correct date of the match Yugoslavia vs Egypt (03.09.1920, 02.09.1920, 30.08.1920)?

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Jul 21 16 2:58 PM

dynablaster wrote:
But can you tell me, why France didn't a participant of the consolation tournament? It's strange, even in Bergvall system rules. Who made this decision?

The linked file makes it clear, although the explanation is quite long.  It was not a pure Bergvall system.  In a pure Bergvall system, France could have entered the Bronze tournament (but only if Czechoslovakia won the Silver tournament).

But the organizers adjusted the system to have a combined Silver-Bronze tournament, involving all 4 losing quarterfinalists [Sweden, Italy, Norway, Spain] and all the other teams beaten by Belgium the Gold medallists  [Poland (withdrew), Netherlands, Czechoslovakia (disqualified)].

So if France wanted any chance for Silver or Bronze it should have lost to Italy... 

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