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Aug 14 16 2:48 AM

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Does anyone know if professionals were allowed in football in the 1988 Olympics? Also, did that have the "no more than 5 A caps" restriction?
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Aug 15 16 11:09 PM

nfm24 wrote:
Yes and no.
And RSSSF is the answer to your other question.

Also this has been discussed extensively elsewhere on this forum (indeed by many of the same authors).

Thanks. I found the post you're talking about here:

Reading those restrictions just makes me want to punch FIFA and the Olympic Committee right in the face. All of the amazing tournaments that could have taken place turned into worthless dust!!! :(

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Aug 16 16 4:44 PM

abramjones wrote:
Reading those restrictions just makes me want to punch FIFA and the Olympic Committee right in the face.
One of many reasons to do so.

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Aug 27 16 8:45 AM

The 1988 Olympic eligibility does really deserve the gold medal for intricacy....

I have the official circulars released by FIFA at that time. This is a summary of what they state:

The Olympic Football Tournament - Seoul 1988, Preliminary and Final Competition - is open to all players except players from Europe and South America who have participated in matches of the FIFA World Cup, Preliminary and/or Final Competition.
The European and South American players who have played less than 90 minutes in one single match of the Preliminary and/or Final competition of the FIFA World Cup, are eligible to participate in the Olympic Football Tournament.
In order to clear up any misunderstandings, we would like to specify - in agreement with the International Olympic Committee - that "participated" means having played at least one full match of said competitions.

So, just to cite a couple of concrete examples: Rui Águas of Portugal played 36 minutes against England at the 1986 World Cup and was therefore eligible for Portugal Olympic (and in fact he faced Italy Olympic in the 1988 qualifiers).
Dragan Stojković and Davor Jozić of Yugoslavia competed at Seoul 1988, even if they had previously played some minutes over a qualifying game valid for the 1986 World Cup.
On the contrary, all the European and South American players who had previously appeared for 90 minutes or just for some fragments in more than one World Cup game, were excluded. For this reason, Per Frimann of Denmark, who had previously appeared in three World Cup qualifying games, was disqualified because ineligible for the Danish Olympic team.
For the last time in the history of the Olympic Games, some "A" National teams competed in the event (Zambia and Australia, just to mention two). Difficult to understand why the United States didn't regard their matches at Seoul '88 in their official list, as they were not affected by restrictions and could send their strongest team.

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