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Aug 24 16 1:27 AM

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It's the draw for the 2017 OFC Champions League.

They drew a team that can't be drawn in Group A, into Group B but for some reason announce it as Group A as they had previously drawn a team for Group B (two teams in total were drawn in Group B due to a mistake). They proceed to do the rest of the draw before realising a mistake has been made.

They then decide to redo half of the draw.

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Aug 24 16 12:20 PM

The video doesn't work for me, but I prefer to imagine it anyway. This is what happens when a garden shed club gets big money without a corresponding increase in competence.

In general these protracted draw ceremonies are becoming increasingly ridiculous, basically to again massage the egos of the Blatteresque or Valckesque officials who feel the need to project their own importance onto the football stage.

It is a common cliche when discussing refereeing, that a good referee should hardly be noticed at all during a game. The same should apply to the admin officials.

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Aug 26 16 10:46 PM

Boo. I think they should replace all draws for all competitions with a brutal swordfight between the officials of each competing team. The last man standing then gets to arrange the 'draw' in whichever way they like, smearing the names of the teams onto a large whiteboard with the blood of those who did not make it.

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