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Oct 31 16 1:23 PM

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A football historian of an older vintage is selling his large collection of international football books and magazines.

The bulk of the collection will probably be sold as a job lot and end up at e.g. Heartbooks, but he asked me to see if there was any individual interest first (so be quick!!).

His list includes a lot of very rare items.   Send me an email or a private message for the full list.

Most of the books are on national teams and international clubs, World Cups etc, from all across Europe in various languages, a lot from South America and a few from further afield.  Also a large quantity of magazines and annuals, partworks, etc.

For example, the magazines include
  • "World Soccer"  -  from 1960 to mid-2000s
  • "Calcio Illustrato" 1934 - full year of reprints leather bound
  • IFFHS - most publications
  • Various "special editions" of magazines prior to World Cups etc
  • "Calcio Mondo" No. 1-22  (like an Italian version of World Soccer, spin off from "Guerin Sportivo")

Questions preferred by email / private message.

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