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Nov 10 16 8:39 PM

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The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has announced that the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup will be recognized as a Category A-ranked tournament, which means FIFA world ranking points will be offered for the participating teams.

“We recently got a declaration from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) that the AFF Cup now offers international ranking points,” AFF General Secretary Datuk Seri Azzuddin Ahmad confirmed.

“We had got our 11 member associations to make an appeal to the AFC. Through their backing and support, the AFF Cup has now risen in prestige”, he added.

The AFF Cup has previously been considered a friendly competition by FIFA. However, due to attendances TV viewing figures rising recently, the tournament will be granted a global status.
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Nov 10 16 11:21 PM

Bad journalism, as is becoming the norm these days.

"which means FIFA world ranking points will be offered for the participating teams."

Not true - what it means is that FIFA would offer MORE ranking points (FIFA already offers ranking points for ALL matches, including friendly matches).

Also, a bit silly if it is true, as now all other sub-regional tournaments should be given the same treatment, or FIFA could be accused of discriminating and choosing this tournament for special treatment solely because it makes more money and is more popular.

And - is it even true?

FIFA's website still shows these matches as "friendlies".

Another pile of shite comes here:

For the first time in the history of the AFF Suzuki Cup [WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE], FIFA world ranking points will be at stake for the eight teams competing.

The regional showcase, to be co-hosted by Myanmar and the Philippines, was previously considered a friendly competition by FIFA, and only offered ranking points on the ASEAN stage. [WTF DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?  ALL RANKING POINTS GO TOWARDS THE MAIN RANKING, NO MATTER WHAT "STAGE" THEY ARE "OFFERED" ON.  ANOTHER PILE OF COMPLETE CRAP!]

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Nov 11 16 4:13 PM

Yeah it's another example of bad journalism. Anyway it's a step in the right direction. Any matches played under official tournament rules (maximum 3 subs) should get more ranking points than the regular (nowdays useless) friendlies. - football internationals

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Nov 14 16 12:28 PM

Not sure - the matches were already Category A (i.e. international matches between A national teams).

All I can think of is that they will be given a higher multiplier than that given for friendly matches in the ranking calculation, although as I said, has the matches listed as simply friendlies, so I am not even sure the announcement is true.

Current multipliers for match status:

Friendly match x 1.0
FIFA World Cup and Continental cup qualifiers x 2.5
Continental cup and Confederations Cup finals x 3.0
World Cup finals match x 4.0

In my opinion, too many categories.  There should only be 2 - competitive (all world/continental/regional tournaments) and non-competitive (i.e. friendly matches/tournaments).  Anything else means there are arbitrary decisions made on the importance of tournaments.  At least we can safely say that for most friendly matches/tournaments, teams are more likely to experiment.  For qualifiers and finals tournaments, most countries will field a good team.

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