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Nov 23 16 4:43 PM

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China's answer to the Kirin Cup will take place for the first time in January.

China will take part as hosts, the three invited teams are Chile,Croatia, and Iceland.
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Jan 18 17 11:42 PM

Who is "they"?

FIFA considered it an A team.
Croatia FA considered it an A team.
I did not consider it an A team.

The simple reason for me - Croatia did not send their A team. Almost all of the players had zero previous appearances for Croatia. The same for China. Chile and Iceland sent a few more A team players, so I counted their match as an A match.

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Jan 19 17 12:36 AM

"A match" and "A team" are different. According to FIFA at least.

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Jan 19 17 10:12 PM

Speaking of which, I would like to see the following lineup take the field:

Lahm R.Márquez D.Luiz Bale
O.Abdulrahman Valdivia Riquelme

With Maradona as manager.

With such a lineup, whichever side has the ball will almost certainly score. Hence football becomes like basketball, or handball.

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Jan 20 17 8:43 PM

On football games where a World All-Star team is an option, my tactics and the limited number of defensive players in those game-created squads end up making me shift Bale to left-back purely for being the most known quantity in that position.

Not sure why you have Lahm in there though, pretty reliable player. How about Ashley Young?

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Jan 21 17 12:24 PM

I can't believe the selection of Lahm was the first problem you found in that lineup :-)

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