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Dec 24 16 10:45 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
Yes. The results are not available. As you can see from this page, only final placings are shown. I tried searching for results, but it was tedious, and they weren't even available in native Thai news sources. Would be a good source of new results, as it's virtually an unofficial World Championship, but sadly, as I said - no results = can't include.

If you can find a source of all the results, please let me know.

A complete result requires number of sets won as well as total number of points won.  So often, results are given only in the format "2-0" (number of sets won), which is useless, as it tells me nothing of the margin of victory (could be 21-0, 21-0, or 21-19, 21-19), which would be 2 completely different margins.

A similar thing happens with reporting of results in other sports with sets (volleyball, fistball, beach handball).  Not sure how to change the culture of "incomplete results reporting".  In softball and baseball, also, results are often incomplete (i.e. they don't mention number of innings played, which is important because of the mercy rule where games can be stopped early if a team is a certain number of runs ahead).  10-0 after 9 innings is not the same as 10-0 after 7 innings for me.

One day, all results will be reported completely and on time.  Then I can just delete my website and drink more beer.

indeed, incomplete results are a bytch. and sorry, i don't even like beer.

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#22 [url]

Dec 27 16 7:45 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
All wine is horrible and should be deleted immediately.

Whaat!? If you tasted a good bottle of Merlot del Veneto you'd surely change your opinion... blurry-drunk.gif

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