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Dec 4 16 9:09 AM

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If you know Arabic, this is a gold mine of newspaper resources:

There are also some Hebrew newspapers, with a sprinkling of English titles (mostly ones already digitized elsewhere, like The Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian). Don't bother checking the French Le Monde - it has no sports contents whatsoever.
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#2 [url]

Dec 5 16 7:53 PM

Pages not working for me.  When I load, I get a blank image of a book, and when I try to download, it says the file is not available.

There is an option to download as plain text (so a possibility of translation), but as I said, the files are listed but not available for me.

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#3 [url]

Dec 7 16 2:46 PM

The website appears to be having some issues with filenames including the character #.
If you open any issue and click the option to download as PDF, you will be given a link like this:,%20الأنوار%20(Al-Anwar),%20#5072, Lebanon (ar).pdf

At the very end, replace the # with %23, like this, and you should be able to download the PDF:,%20الأنوار%20(Al-Anwar),%20%235072, Lebanon (ar).pdf

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