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Dec 6 16 11:20 AM

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If a match in China is played, will it be good to use the name of the city/municipality as venue? Chonquing i.e. is an 82.403 km2 large city/municipality, which is a bit larger than the whole of Scotland. So within the borders of the municipality there should be many cities.

Should we also make distinction for matches played in Hong Kong? As far as I know Hong Kong is not a city but rather a territory. So if matches which have been played there, shoud Hong Kong be namend as venue or one of its cities as Victoria, Kowloon or New Kowloon?
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Dec 6 16 4:10 PM

It is a good point that the subdivision of the town/city/municipality etc is highly variable between different countries. Big cities and agglomerations are problematic, but the ambiguity could apply to any place with more than one stadium. The point of naming the city is to say where the match was played, but without the stadium this is imprecise.

If the stadium is given, then it almost doesn't matter what we write in the "city" box as long as it is vaguely correct. This also eliminates the variability between countries.

So my solution : always give the stadium :-)

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