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Jan 11 17 7:04 PM

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As already happened to the 1967 South American Championship, also some dates of the 1947 edition have been propagated erroneously with the passing of the years.
The exact order of the last matches is therefore:

27/12/1947 Peru 2-0 Bolivia
27/12/1947 Chile 4-1 Colombia
28/12/1947 Argentina 3-1 Uruguay
30/12/1947 Chile 4-3 Bolivia
30/12/1947 Paraguay 4-0 Ecuador

I'm 100% sure, as I consulted almost all the South American dailies from that period. So the tournament ended on December 30, rather than on 31.
I didn't verify the dates of the previous matches though, so if you want to add or correct something you are welcome.

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Jan 12 17 10:57 AM

I consulted several Latin American newspapers from that period (mainly Folha de São Paulo, Estado de São Paulo, Jornal do Brasil, La Nación, Correio da Manhã, El Informador and so on). I'll try to be more precise on the next days, as I'm extremely busy now.

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Jan 15 17 8:35 PM

Having checked an Ecuadorian newspaper (albeit Quito not Guayaquil), I agree with all Luca's corrections. Additionally the Uruguay 1-0 Peru match was on 25/12 (not 26/12 as sometimes listed). All the earlier matches agree with the established dates.

Strange, because the correct fixture list was published the day before the event and there was no deviation from that.

"La Epopeya del futbol Boliviano" (Carlos Mesa Gisbert) had correct dates (except one of the earlier matches, maybe just a typo).

"International Football in South America" (Miguel Angel Bestard) was mostly wrong, but inconsistent between different countrywise lists.

These were just wrong:
"Historia de la Copa América" (Conmebol)" - both editions, probably the source of general wrongness
"La roja de Todos" (Edgardo Marín)
Guy Oliver's book
FIFA website
most RSSSF pages including countrywise lists

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Jan 19 17 9:28 PM

Thank you, Neil.

Below I add a couple of evidences confirming our corrections:

An article from Folha da Manhã dated 27/12/1947 states:

The night before yesterday (that is to say December 25) two matches were played. In the first one, Argentina beat Ecuador 2-0, while in the second one Uruguay beat Peru 1-0. This evening (that is to say December 27) two matches will be played: Colombia vs. Chile and Peru vs. Bolivia.

An article from Folha da Noite dated 29/12/1947, states:

Tomorrow (that is to say December 30) the South American Championship will end with the following matches: Chile vs. Bolivia and Paraguay vs. Ecuador.

Also some Italian publications, such as Annuario del Calcio Mondiale and Calcio 2000 issue 20 from June 1999, used to report the incorrect dates, that is to say Uruguay 1-0 Peru (26/12/1947), Chile 4-1 Colombia (29/12/1947), Paraguay 4-0 Ecuador (29/12/1947) and Chile 4-3 Bolivia (31/12/1947). Now we have managed to fix them.

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Jan 19 17 10:02 PM

It would be interesting to know how many other similar cases there are. In South America and Europe we normally consider the data to be basically accurate subject only to typos rather than factual errors.

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Jan 22 17 10:16 AM

Hard to say. I'm currently comparing the various sources in search of eventual disagreements.

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