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Mar 18 17 11:18 AM

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From Rsssf:

. CACG became age-restricted only starting from 1990.

. Juegos Centroamericanos (qualifiers to CACG in 1973, 1977 and 1986) always  were U.21 restricted.

. Panama and Nicaragua in 1973, El Salvador and Panama in 1977, Honduras (Guatemala withdrew) in 1986 reached the qualification, respectively, to 1974,

  1978 and 1986 CACG.

My questions now are:

-did Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras send to CACG their U.21 Teams?

-if not, did they send “A” (like in Olympia Games) or “Amateur” Teams?


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Mar 23 17 2:54 AM

El Salvador did not play with senior team in 1978 but did use their "A" team in 1975 Pan-American Games. There was no age restriction so it's likely the teams in the 70s and 80s were mixed but without full lineups I couldn't tell. Honduras used players older than 23 in 1986 so definitely not U21 team. - football internationals

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Mar 24 17 12:06 PM

I am sure the archive of La Nación can give helpful clues. After a quick glance, I could find that Costa Rica took part in the 1973 Central American Games with a restricted team, composed of young footballers and guys playing in the low divisions. As to El Salvador, I could find just a couple of names: Miguel Ángel Monge (the goalscorer against Costa Rica), and the goalkeeper Julio Martínez. It seems they competed with a restricted side, but further verifications are needed.
An alternative could be contacting the ORDECA (that is to say the governing body of the Central American Games), asking them if they have the official documents about the player eligibility for the various editions. When I carried out the "study" about the Olympic Games player eligibility, I was lucky because the FIFA Documentation Centre had preserved all the official press kits.


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