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Apr 15 17 9:10 PM

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In one rather lopsided announcement, the process for deciding the 2026 World Cup Hosts has begun with USA/Mexico/Canada throwing their collective hat into the ring, on a proposed 60/10/10 split of matches. Then in a mixture of learning everything and nothing at the same time, have motioned FIFA to fast-track their bid before any competitors emerge.

Of course that effort will probably be the favourite, but potential competitors looking to take up the challenge include Colombia, Australia/New Zealand, and most notably Morocco (a.k.a. "Africa's Turkey"). Morocco will aim enter with either their 5th solo attempt, or use the USA's method of bringing in backup. So far their rumoured bidding partners should they choose any include any or all of Spain, Portugal, and (probably the strangest of all three) Ivory Coast...
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May 17 17 5:48 PM

So I may have jumped the gun in assuming what they meant by 'fast-track', the USA/Mexico/Canada bid just wanted to bring the decision date forward to 2018, which the FIFA Congress agreed to. Still a bit cheeky but not as bad as if they were just automatically given the hosting rights at the congress.

Which leaves potential bidders [checks watch] exactly 3 months to submit their interest, right now the only competitors being the above-mentioned favourites and of course the Macclesfield bid...

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May 18 17 6:32 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
There's nothing worse than a spelling mistake in a tongue-in-cheek document.
Yes, I think I spotted one in the Labour manifesto (most likely Diane Abbott's fault).

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