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Apr 27 17 3:48 PM

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Copa "CSANF 10 years" Armenians in Argentina vs Fernando de Noronha 05/26/17 In GEBA Stadium, Buenos Aires
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May 9 17 1:24 PM

The majority of FN players are +35. Given the shortage of active players, the team is organized with the elements available. It is the FN selection A.
The Armenian community also has 2 or 3 players between 34 and 35 ... the rest between 23 and 29.
It will be ¨A¨ match. There will already be photos and videos.

PD: The match is being organized by me, trust the information I provide

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Jun 12 17 11:35 PM

I always thought Noronha was a curious addition to "alternative representative football" world. Football on the island is clearly non-FIFA, but mostly due to its isolation (housing a national park and a military base, travels are severely regulated, so a team hosting "home matches" on a non-local league wouldn't be viable) and small population (mostly born outside the island, as births are discouraged for sanitary reasons). However, it doesn't have the minimal level of autonomy -- it's governed by a non-elected administrator -- and its most radical claim for autonomy, as far as I know, is campaigning to become a city in its own right.

Using an amateur seniors team (mostly 35+, but, according to some sources, 30+ are eligible) means it'll probably be non-FIFA punching bags' punching bag.

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