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Jul 8 17 4:04 PM

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So after a bizarre and rare event in rugby earlier today...

...a place to discuss instances of international teams 'sharing the trophy' in football, however big or small the tournament.

To get the easy examples on the board, almost a quarter of all editions of the British Home Championship, and the notable 3-way deadlock for the 2011 Kirin Cup (how did they manage that trophy presentation?)...
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Jul 8 17 7:25 PM

That 2011 Kirin Cup was a complete exercise in futility, and somehow the fifth time that tournament had shared winners.

Indian officials had foreseen this eventuality, and after the 1978 IFA Shield final ended in a draw, they held a coin toss to decide which team would keep the trophy for the first six months.

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Jul 8 17 9:09 PM

Kaizeler wrote:
they held a coin toss to decide which team would keep the trophy for the first six months.

That was not uncommon in the event of a drawn final, e.g. Merdeka and Korean President's Cup had shared finals and had similar instances of each side keeping the trophy for 6 months.

It's not just trophies that are shared, also gold medals.  E.g. 1978 Asian Games, North and South Korea shared them.

Alternatively, in the early days of South American football, matches for the likes of the Copa Newton and Lipton were sometimes drawn and then it would be the away side with the honour.

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Jul 9 17 12:47 PM

1975 Pan American Games (Mexico and Brazil, failure of floodlight IIRC during extra time?)
1972 Olympic Games bronze medal (East Germany and Soviet Union)
IIRC, the Coupe van den Abeele (the annual Belgium vs Netherlands match played at FC Antwerp stadium) in case of a draw was awarded to the current holder at that time, except the first official match in 1905 which was won by the Dutch after extra time.


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Jul 18 17 7:56 PM

Deviating to other sports for a moment, in May 1992 the Corbillon Cup (world cup of women's team table tennis), which had been won by a united All-Korea team in 1991, crossed the border from North to South to spend the next year in South Korea.

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Sensini wrote:
1972 Olympic Games bronze medal (East Germany and Soviet Union)
Also found this from the 1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup between Costa Rica and Jamaica (for some reason they didn't think of using penalties?). By my 'True Bronzer' standards Costa Rica would deserve to be called 3rd-place there, and in your 1972 example Soviet Union would have that right, obviously doesn't change how the physical prizes are/were distributed though which is what this is about.

More semi-examples I've found are this 2009 CONCACAF U-17 Championship (the 4-team 'Championship Round' being cancelled due to swine flu), and the first 5 editions of what is now the African U-17 Championship.

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