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Jul 9 17 9:47 AM

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there was also a football tournament.....any results available?
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#1 [url]

Jul 9 17 11:30 AM

The Paraguay matches are known, there was decent local coverage there.

(At least some) matches at Maskwacis Bear Park

[Group Stage?] - it seems there were two groups, the other one containing only teams from Canada and Panama

04-Jul Paraguay     12-0  Grizzly Bear Head (Assiniboine, Canada)
       [Iván Portillo, Remigio Hein, Esteban Sosa, Mikael Maldonado, Fabio Maldonado, Arnaldo Núñez (3), Cristian Rolón, Miguel Toro]

05-Jul Paraguay     15-0  Panama [or Costa Rica??]
       [José Medina, Iván Portillo, Claudio Amarilla, Remigio Hein (2), Esteban Sosa (3), Mikael Maldonado, Delio Villalba (2), Fabio Maldonado, Arnaldo Núñez (3)]

06-Jul Paraguay      8-0  Plains Cree (Canada)
       [Cristian Pintos (2), Delio Villalba (2), Remigio Hein, Fabio Maldonado, Esteban Sosa, José Medina]

06-Jul Paraguay     11-0  Treaty Five (Canada)
       [Osvaldo Espinola, José Medina, Iván Portillo, Delio Villalba, Fabio Maldonado, Claudio Amarilla (2), Cristian Pintos (2), Remigio Hein (2)

07-Jul Paraguay      9-0  Panama
       [scorers missing]

07-Jul Paraguay      8-0  Plains Cree (Canada)
       [Osvaldo Espínola, José Medina, Iván Portillo, Claudio Amarilla, Delio Villalba, Fabio Maldonado, Cristian Pintos, Remigio Hein]

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#3 [url]

Jul 10 17 8:15 AM

The matches were advertised as "Soccer (FIFA rules)" but I didn't find a schedule or anything to confirm they were 90 minutes.

The Paraguay squad seems to be a combined selection. Players/Tribes:
Raul Arnaldo Amarilla, Claudio David Amarilla [Aché]
Miguel Toro Sanchez, Arnaldo Nuñez Duarte, Esteban Sosa Benega, Ivan Alejandro Portillo Duarte [Avá Guaraní]
Bartolome Berguen Neufel [Enxet Norte]
Cristian Ivan Rolon Samudio [Guaraní]
Osvaldo Espinola Fariña [Guarani Ñandeva]
Cristian Daniel Pintos Pereira [Guaraní Occidental]
Tsimenu ut Jose Medina, Hernan Colman, Mikael Maldonado, Fabio Maldonado [Maká]
Miguel Angel Orqueda Flores, Adriano Machuca, Remigio Hein, Charly Calderon, Delio Villalba [Nivaclé]

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