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Sep 1 07 2:17 AM

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Sep 1 07 8:32 AM

It could fit in easily and it would be more exiting for audiences. I would like futsal introduced in the Commenwealth games like seven a side rugby has.

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Dec 1 07 9:49 PM

Yes - good idea Nathan - football doesn't seem to be able to get a foothold in the Commonwealth Games - so futsal could be the answer. With British teams being poor at futsal (England are one of, if not the, worst ranking of European nations, while Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are yet to play internationally), this would be a good opportunity for them to get international exposure - with Australia probably being among the top futsal teams in the Commonwealth along with Mozambique. Also, India is trying to get the sport started - and this would provide the perfect framework for them also, playing against other less experienced teams.

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Jan 26 13 6:56 PM

Always thought this - still plenty of room for more football-related tournaments in these multi-sport events. Especially the Commonwealth Games - how there has been nothing football-related for so long is beyond me, especially with Scotland hosting in 2014. Futsal would be a great fit, as would a football tournament (even if it is U23 or on invite only like the YOG). The 2016 Olympics is meant to be holding Beach Soccer as a demonstration sport so that might not be far off - there shouldn't be too much of a problem to have futsal in as well - FINA organise 4 different Olympic disciplines at the Games.

Also, does anyone know about the popularity of women's Paralympic football? I watched some of the CP7 tournament on the Olympic Park last year while the stadium used for Blind Football was empty as the men's tournaments of each were held on alternating days smiley: roll, just found it odd that there were women's events for pretty much everything else and not here, they could have been a use for the empty stadiums (e.g. Day 1 - Men's Blind, Women's CP7; Day 2 - Men's CP7, Women's Blind; etc.).

Football Revolution...

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