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Sep 7 07 3:04 AM

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after their withdrawal of World Cup qualifiers, seems they will disappear from FIFA ranking in November

they don't play in annual Coupe CEMAC (not member of CEMAC)

both nearby Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome e Principe are emerging oil producing countries,
while Equatorial Guinea active in many football matches now, & they can compete with mid-level African countries, co-host 2012 African Cup with Gabon
but Sao Tome e Principe still keep African bottom positions & inactive in matches

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Sep 11 07 5:17 AM

Equatorial Guinea beat Cameroon in ACN 08 qualifying even they fail to qualify, seems they will get rapid growth in forthcoming years
2003 was dividing-line year, E.G. & S.T.P. were same level before, but E.G. become more competitive team after

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Sep 13 07 4:45 PM

Calapez wrote:
they are rising in the rankings due to the spanish-born players they use in the national team
Well France use a lot of African born players in their squad and they rise in the ranking to. E.Guinea have every right to play spanish born players if they have relations to the country.

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Sep 13 07 10:39 PM

yes i know and i support that option.

i was just saying that they start rising when they decided to use the Spanish-born players. Like other countries do, like Cape Verde in resent years too (using Portuguese-born in that case)

Before that use of "foreign"-born players they were 2 of the worst african nations in the rankings

But you cannot make a comparison between these countries and France.. the africans that France use in the NT, they all live or lived in France, even if they born in some african country. The Guineans from Spain, never lived in the country and never played for a team there... it's a different situation

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Sep 16 07 12:42 AM

The eligibility rules from FIFA are dependent on the nationality or citizenship rules of the countries, which of course, vary a lot... in the Olympics the situation is even worse, with some Gulf countries basically paying foreign athletes to represent them.

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Nov 23 07 11:27 AM

Sao Tome`s last result was in November 2003 , and now they dont have any position on FIFA ranking`s anymore . They are placed as number 208 with -99 points (?) below those with 0 points.

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Dec 28 07 5:05 AM

thats been the situation in France starting with desailly from Ghana

and now the Dutch has done so and Portugal with Nani. who is from Cape Verde and Djalo who is from Guinea-Bissau

and with most of west africa having alot of duo nationaltiy players like Cote d'Ivioire and Kalou, and Ghana with the likes of Barusso, and Owusu the kid fromt he dutch U-21.

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Posts: 5,503 Site Admin

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Mar 2 08 5:04 PM

Is it possible this match played in 1975, or is it definitely 1976? There is a date of 13th July 1975 mentioned for Sao Tome's first match.

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Mar 2 08 5:13 PM

Not sure, 1975 is the year of independence, it seems logical they played a match to celebrate this . But the article in World Soccer is not very complete (1991)

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Mar 2 08 6:04 PM

Indeed - in fact, 12th July is Independence Day, so the match on 13th July would definitely have been to celebrate this. Whether it was the 2-3 match v Congo or not is another matter.

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Feb 6 09 12:13 PM

Manuel Dende, the President of the Football Association of Sao Tome e Principe, a small cluster of islands off Africa's west coast, travelled to FIFA headquarters on Wednesday to meet Joseph S. Blatter and finalise his FA's new statues. His business done for the day, the country's jovial football chief shared his views with Mr Dende, can you explain why you have come to Zurich?
Manuel Dende: We have been invited here by FIFA to complete the review of our statutes, which we had to bring into line with the Standard Statutes adopted by FIFA at its Congress in Sydney. We have been working on them since May and now we're rounding things off in Zurich.

What do you think Sao Tome e Principe football needs to compete in Africa?
A little history first of all. We only gained independence in 1975 and up until then we were a Portuguese colony. We were, and still are, in a very difficult economic position. Our main source of revenue is the cocoa trade but prices have collapsed, and while our population has increased considerably we have been hit hard by a number of illness such as AIDS and we have got a tremendous amount of young people. In short, the government has to concentrate on its social role and on education and health. We just don't have the money or the time to focus on sport.

Why did you withdraw from the qualification competition for South Africa 2010?
We are an island country about 300 kilometres from the mainland and we are a little bit isolated. The plane is very expensive and that's why it was impossible for us to take part in the second round of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup.

Do you feel you are getting enough support?
Yes, FIFA is helping us a lot, initially through the Financial Aid Programme (FAP) and then through the Goal projects. We are just about to get our third project under way, which involves the setting up of a football academy on the island of Principe. Lastly, thanks to the 'Win in Africa with Africa' programme we have installed a synthetic pitch at the Grand Stade, and that means we can now host international matches.

What do you see as the solution for the problems afflicting football in Sao Tome e Principe?
There's no question the solution lies in training and development. With that in mind we're concentrating our efforts on women's football and the U-17 teams. That last category is very important because they're the generation of players who will most likely be representing us in the qualifiers for Brazil 2014. We are optimistic. There's a willingness to create a structure for the game here and to help it develop. Moreover, everyone in the country loves sport and it's our human resources that give us hope.

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Jul 8 09 4:29 PM

12th July 2009
Lusophony Games
Angola v Guinea-Bissau • in Portugal
São Tomé & Príncipe v Timor-Leste • in Portugal

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#17 [url]

Jul 8 09 6:38 PM

So, roonba is wrong... only 4 teams will compete in the Futsal

São Tomé and Principe

13.07 - POR x STP, BRA x ANG
15.07 - ANG x POR, BRA x STP
17.07 - ANG x STP, BRA x POR

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#19 [url]

Jul 9 09 3:24 AM

When the original draw was released, Timor-Leste and Guinea-Bissau were in it, and the fixtures were released with a preliminary round (Angola v Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé & Príncipe v Timor-Leste) to decide who would play Portugal and Brazil in the main group, and a play-off for the losers. Subsequently, Timor-Leste and Guinea-Bissau must have withdrawn.

(you can read about this here -

This more recent link says they withdrew because of lack of money, but it also mentions that Cape Verde will play, and not São Tomé (which is not correct - Cape Verde did not send any futsal players).,7f4f4b26-cf5d-460a-90ba-b9b0d9eb7788.html

This even more recent link says 5 teams will play, with Guinea-Bissau playing São Tomé in a preliminary match on 12th July.

and here:

and proof that Guinea-Bissau is sending a team to the futsal here (though the report still mentions that they will play Angola in a preliminary match, which they would have done if Timor-Leste had participated):

Note - there doesn't seem to be a match Angola v Guinea-Bissau or São Tomé scheduled for 17th July. so how will they decide the bronze medal?

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#20 [url]

Jul 9 09 8:32 AM

It's a group of 4 teams.. there's no final or semi-final.

This is the official website of the organization

As you can see, group of 4, 6 matches..

About the Guinea-Bissau team you mentioned, it's strange their absense, simply because all the players are from Portuguese clubs, so it wouldn't be so expensive for them to participate. I don't understand why they withdrawn

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