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Sep 22 07 7:55 PM

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Being obsessed with everything arctic, I always wondered which are the northernmost clubs in the world.

This is what I found:

* northernmost professional clubs in the world: Tromsø IL (Norway) and RoPS Rovaniemi (Finland)

* northernmost club in mainland Europe: Honnigsvag IF (Norway, H'vag is located at the North Cape. They play in 4th division)

* northernmost competitive club in the world: as far as I know this is Qanaaq from the Greenlandic league, there may be clubs further north but not in a competitive league

* northernmost club in the world in general: ??

* northernmost club in America: must be a team from the Canadian arctic islands, but I am unsure which one. I once emailed the Nunavut FA but they gave me contradicting information as if they were not sure themselves. They did tell me the whole of Nunavut has only 4 football pitches in regular size, and that the extremely northern town Grise Fiord (Ellesmere Island) has a schoolboy team participating in regional championships. However, I am not sure if any of the islands has an actual club playing in a real league. I also tried contacting Alaska FA to see if any far northern town has a club ; I never got a reply.

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Oct 15 16 9:08 AM

I translate a short piece of news reported by Annuario del Calcio Mondiale 1995/96, page 29:

April 23, 1995: a team called Biriusa Refrigerators won, after beating Zyrianov Friends in final, the North Polo Tournament, held exactly in correspondence with the North Pole, with a temperature of -27° C. The eight teams arrived by helicopter from a base located 160 km from there.

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