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Oct 5 07 11:30 AM

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Do you know where I can find FULL DETAILS for FIFA World cup qualifications matches?? Specifically Sweden's?? I was able to find most of the matches details on rsssf but there's still some matches left.. Can anyone help?? Thanks...
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#3 [url]

Sep 1 11 1:17 PM

I have included on my site all the match details for Sweden. I'm missing two opponent lineups though for the matches vs Thailand 1962 and Malaysia 1979. I had no luck with reviewing Straits Times. Anyone have any more info?

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Sep 2 11 11:06 AM

However, for the Thailand match, I don't think so. The Bangkok Post (English language) did not give full lineups except very rarely.

Incidentally, you can see the Bangkok Post archives online
This is meant to be a money-making site selling copies of front pages, but actually it is possible to "hack" it easily to see any page you want, but not at high resolution, so you can only read headlines.

(1) Visit
(2) Choose a date, then click "Search".
(3) Click "Large View"
(4) Edit the URL : delete all characters to the right of the ampersand. Example:
(5) Edit the URL again : Change the page number (final two characters) - experiment until you find sports pages. Example:
(6) Right-click on the image and select "Copy image location". Paste into your address bar. Example:
(7) Edit the URL : (delete "Low"). Example:

This gives you something where you can at least read the headlines.

In fact, you can simply edit the last URL in step (7) to choose any date and page number you want.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any way to produce a higher res image, to zoom in to the articles. If anyone else succeeds in this, let me know, you can have a special "PRO HACKER" badge ;-)

With regard to this match vs Sweden, I found an article the previous day which could potentially give the expected lineup, but I doubt it:

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#8 [url]

Sep 6 11 11:12 AM

14/11/1979, Kuala Lumpur, Merdeka Stadium
Friendly International
MALAYSIA 1 (Isa Bakar 77')
SWEDEN 3 (Torbjörn Nilsson 15', Anders Grönhagen 26',
Michael Andersson 90')
Malaysia: Rahim Mohammed, Jamal Nasir, Soh Chin Aun [c],
Santokh Singh, D.Davendran (Wan Jamak),
Shukor Salleh (Wong Hung Nung), Abdah Alif
(Hassan Sani), G.Torairaju, Ramli Junit
(Tukiman Bahari), Isa Bakar, Bakri Ibni.
Sweden: Göran Hagberg, Leif Gustavsson, Sten-Ove Ramberg,
Klas Johansson, Eine Fredriksson (Michael Andersson),
Tomas Månsson, Mikael Rönnberg, Torbjörn Nilsson,
Tord Holmgren, Anders Grönhagen, Peter Nilsson.
Referee: Othman Omar (Malaysia).
Coaches: Malaysia: Mohammed Bakar.
Sweden: Georg Ericson.

Lineups as reported, except the Sweden lineup had only 10 players (missing Mansson). Swedish sources report an extra substitute.

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Sep 8 11 10:29 AM

The Malaysian team was without their star striker Mokhtar Dahari (injured) and a few other top players like Wong Choon Wah and goalkeeper "Spiderman" Arumugam. This was a semi-experimental Malaysia lineup, apart from the regular centre-backs Soh and Santokh, midfield dynamo Shukor, and striker Isa Bakar.

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