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Nov 19 06 6:48 AM

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UEFA don't want to admit them, and changed rules of admission criteria

they should consider CONCACAF

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Nov 20 06 1:53 PM

Greenland's still busy constructing their own FIFA-accepted stadium in Nuuk (Godthab) and will seek affiliation to CONCACAF or UEFA shortly after. Patience, my friend, they'll affiliate in the not very far future

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Dec 30 08 9:22 PM

Why does FIFA not accept Greenland? In handball they even competed at a World Cup tournament finishing 22 out of 24. But I think Greenland belong more with ConCaCaf as Greenland is geographically situated on the American continent

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Dec 31 08 4:47 PM

not accepting a nation because it is not independent is nonsense. Netherlands Antilles, Faeroe Isles i.e. are not independend, but FIFA member. Netherlands Antilles even since 1932. In 1938 even a non independent nation participated at the World Cup Tournament: Dutch East Indies.

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Jan 2 09 12:40 AM

Like pieter said, it's a recent rule..

i think the last "non-independent" country to have been admited before the introduction of this rule was New Caledonia?

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Jan 2 09 1:24 AM

Calapez wrote:
i think the last "non-independent" country to have been admited before the introduction of this rule was New Caledonia?

Yes, I think that's right.

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Aug 30 09 5:47 PM

Here is a video from this season's Greenlandic league final between G44-Mamaluk FC.
G44 have won 2009 league championship.Just note the poor conditions of the

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Nov 6 09 3:32 PM

3 games played by Greenland in July 1992, played in Iceland:
vs Iceland U-19? 5-3
vs club from Iceland first level 4-1
25/7/1992 (or 1/8/1992?) vs Israel U-23 0-14 (0-6 at HT)

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Nov 7 09 11:27 PM

Israel FA says it was Israel U-21

01/08/1992 Israel u-21 14-0 Greenland in Reykjavik

09/08/1992 Iceland u-21 0-1 Israel u-21 in Reykjavik

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Jan 13 12 2:52 PM

do you know any information about 2011 greenlandic football?(league table)

editk,i find.

football of the others!!!!

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