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Dec 13 07 8:25 PM

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Sorry I posted my post in the wrong topic under the Rosenborg item...
Hope FIFA will make it a real tournament with 8 teams and not always in Japan..
6 continental champions + champion of the last year + champion of the organising country. It could be an opportunity to let small nations organise this big event (nations in Africa, Oceania, ....)
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Dec 16 07 9:42 AM

Strabge that no one of this forum saw one of the matches. If FIFA wants this tournament to be taken seriously, they shoud let it be on real TV channels and not only on one or two sattelite channels...

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Dec 16 07 6:01 PM

Why strange?
As you said ,if no one can see the matches live,then it´s not a surprise that this tournament is not taken seriously.

AC Milan won 4-2 against Boca today. I guess the value of the team of AC Milan is 5 times bigger than Boca´s.

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Dec 18 14 3:45 PM

all the fine players go to Europe where the money is....the national teams prove that South America is by far the strongest continent

it would be a big surprise if Real loses the world championship (I try to avoid the damned name "world cup")

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Dec 18 14 11:04 PM

Not all of them go. Europe takes most of the young precocious talents, and wastes many of them which could develop far better at home.
Those staying in South America are of a type unwanted by Europe, e.g. veterans or late developers, or players who are homesick and need to be in their own environment.
But certainly, most of the "game changer" players go to Europe.

Other regions may be similar, some hold on to their players due to a cultural difference or financial strength (e.g. the Gulf).

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Dec 19 14 7:20 PM

I think South America and Europe are equal in terms of having top national teams. The only reason South America has a better 'average' is because there are only 10 countries, all with roughly similar culture and reasonable population (all over 3 million). If you take only the top 10 teams from each continent, then Europe would be better. So, I would not say South America is by far the strongest continent (or even the strongest continent at all). South America has 9 World Cup titles, Europe has 11. Since 1990, Europe has won 5 of the 7 World Cups.

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Dec 19 14 7:35 PM

On an aesthetic level I would prefer to watch a round of qualifiers in South America than Europe, as the latter has too many dull unimaginative teams which are efficient but lack creativity.
South America has far more players with flair and the ability to beat a defender. Look across the major clubs in Europe and the positions of their top South American players.

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Dec 21 14 10:16 AM

The point is that nowadays the values are too unbalanced in favour of the European clubs, mainly due to economic reasons. The extra-European clubs can't represent a reliable opposition to the UEFA Champions League winners.
It's like organising a basketball club world cup with the NBA champions and the remaining continental ones. NBA teams will win almost all the editions. There's no match.

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Dec 21 14 5:34 PM

pieter wrote:

I think the actual strength of S.American teams seems stronger if you compare the results , also between the top teams...

 If we compare the last 3 World Cups, Europe has done better in head-to-head with South America.  Only in the last World Cup did South America do better, and they had home advantage.  Also, many of the wins came against second class European opposition (Greece, Bosnia, Switzerland, etc.).  So in this case, if you actually look at the results, it seems exactly the opposite of what you say it seems.

2006 - 10 matches, South America 3, Europe 5, 2 draws
2010 - 10 matches, South America 1, Europe 6, 3 draws
2014 - 15 matches, South America 8, Europe 5, 2 draws

TOTAL over last 3 World Cups - South America 12, Europe 16, 7 draws

If we talk about top teams (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay for South America, England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany for Europe), the balance is even more in favour of Europe.
2006 - 3 matches, South America 0, Europe 1, 2 draws
2010 - 5 matches, South America 0, Europe 4, 1 draw
2014 - 6 matches, South America 2, Europe 3, 1 draw

TOTAL over last 3 World Cups - South America 2, Europe 8, 4 draws

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Dec 21 14 7:04 PM

I do not consider wc matches only, but also friendlies and just over the last 4 and 8 years...., but in the WC-finals, I agree Europe performed better....

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Dec 21 14 7:42 PM

Including all matches between Top 3 South American teams and Top 6 European teams (mentioned above), there have been 46 matches from 2006-2014. South America seems to do better in friendly matches.

But the total is very even - 17 wins for Europe, 17 wins for South America, 12 draws.

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Apr 25 15 9:06 AM

And tomorrow Auckland City are facing Team Wellington for the 2014-15 OFC Champions League final.

It's official: the 2015 edition of the FIFA Club World Cup will be hosted by Japan.

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#17 [url]

Apr 25 15 11:37 AM

TheRoonBa wrote:
They are representing Canada. (They won the Canadian Championship - a knockout tournament with only 5 teams entering).
It's a ridiculously limited system if you ask me. If they're going to enter a team to the CONCACAF Champions League this way, why not have some play-in rounds for the Canadian clubs that aren't professional, then start the 'competition proper' with 6-8 teams.

The winners of the US Open Cup have a Champions League spot, so theoretically a tiny village team has a path to becoming world champions even in the promotion-limited structure of America, so it seems ridiculous that a similar club in Canada from the same league don't have that opportunity, worse still that the champions of the highest Canadian division can't compete because the Canadian Championship has a set 5 teams smiley: eyes...

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#19 [url]

Apr 28 15 8:56 AM

They are unstoppable. At this rate they'll surely break Al Ahly's record as The Most Decorated Club In The World. Auckland City now own 8 international honours (7 OFC Champions Leagues and 1 OFC President's Cup). Al Ahly have 20, but Auckland City win the continental title almost every year!

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#20 [url]

Apr 28 15 3:53 PM

If OFC merges with AFC, they will be stoppable.

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