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#181 [url]

Feb 15 17 10:32 PM

mattsanger92 wrote:
Purely coincidental, I'm sure.
Nah.  This forum has a number of ghosts, doing a lot of reading but no writing (well, not on the forum itself)...  E.g. look at the number of views on each topic, compared to the number of replies.  The funny thing is that they think we don't know they're there.

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#182 [url]

Feb 16 17 6:03 PM

Hmm... not noticed it in a while but those numbers definitely stand out when you pay attention (because on the surface there's only something like 10 active users at most). Obviously nowhere near the full amount, but how much of it can be attributed to those active users browsing when not logged in, I've done that from time to time especially when the site's been unstable.

But I'm not paranoid, of course not, now someone help me delete all the ideas I've posted on here before, I can't have anyone beating me to the punch when it comes to my most innovative creation... drunk basketball is a million-dollar idea and I'll be kicking myself if some ghost takes it from me smiley: indifferent.

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#183 [url]

Feb 16 17 9:38 PM

"Drunk basketball" sounds like one of those Alan Partridge ideas, e.g. "Monkey tennis"

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#184 [url]

Feb 17 17 7:09 PM

I just had a random train of thought one day (as I am liable to do), wondering what would be the sport that is most clearly affected by all players being inebriated, while still remaining somewhat playable. Basketball seemed the obvious choice, must be all that 'bouncing a ball' that would be 10x more difficult without basic-level hand-eye co-ordination.

Has plenty of potential entertainment value, it would just be work trying to find the magic formula of how much alcohol it takes to get that 'overly sloppy' effect without going into 'blackout drunk' territory... but if you want to rent out a basketball court, buy about £50-100 of booze, and a bring bunch of lads that don't mind making a t*t of themselves (also a trained medical professional on standby smiley: ohwell), then I'm absolutely up for running that experiment... for science and all that.

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#186 [url]

Feb 23 17 10:20 AM

That already happened, his name was James Hunt... not sure it would really go down well in this day and age though.

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