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Jan 24 08 8:50 AM

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22.1.08 - CONCACAF has announced the fixtures for the Caribbean Futsal Qualifying Tournament that will take place from 5-9 March at the National Sports Hall in Georgetown, Guyana.
The six-team Caribbean tournament, which will qualify two squads to the 2008 CONCACAF Futsal Championship, has two groups of three. Haiti and Sint Maarten join the hosts, Guyana in Group A, while Group B consists of Puerto Rico, Surinam and Trinidad & Tobago.

The two Caribbean qualifiers will join Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, USA and the host, Guatemala at the 2008 CONCACAF Futsal Championship at the Domo Polideportivo in Guatemala City from 2-8 June.
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Mar 5 08 1:16 PM

President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Colin Klass told a media conference yesterday that the planned Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Futsal qualifying football tournament was cancelled owing to Guyana's lack of a security guarantee for the visiting teams.

Some six nations including Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Haiti, St Maarten, Suriname and hosts Guyana were scheduled to participate in the competition that was set to commence tonight at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Trinidad will now host the tournament next month.

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Mar 5 08 10:42 PM

Been a while since we had a post in the futsal forum!

Shame that it has been postponed, but at least it has not been cancelled, so we will still hopefully see the debut of Sint Maarten. They haven't participated in any CONCACAF events for national teams for almost 10 years.

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Apr 2 08 7:51 PM

Caribbean Qualifying Tournament
Macoya, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO; Canedo Hall – Centre of Excellence
Group A
04.04: PUERTO RICO – SURINAM (19:00)
05.04: TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – SURINAM (18:00)

Group B
03.04: GUYANA – SINT MAARTEN (17:00)
04.04: GUYANA – HAITI (17:00)
05.04: HAITI – SINT MAARTEN (16:00)

Third Place
06.04: A2 – B2 (16:00)

06.04: A1 – B1 (18:00)

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May 22 08 4:07 PM

Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti and Cuba qualified for the CONCACAF finals from 2. June in Guatemala.

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May 23 08 12:35 PM


I quess Sinnt Martin are going to have to improve if they are to avoid such results as 19,1 against Haiti again. Would have thought Puerto Rico would have done better than they did.

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