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Feb 19 08 5:44 PM

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1976 Fiji-N.Caledonia 0-0 and 0-4
1977 march Fiji-Taiwan 2-2
1978 Fiji won 3 matches against Vanuatu (total score 11-0)
1979 Fiji-New Caledonie 0-5 and 5-2
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Sep 15 15 8:08 PM

Does anybody have dates for this tour in July 1990?
North California 0-0 Fiji
North California 2-2 Fiji
San Francisco XI 0-3 Fiji

Possibly other games were also played.

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Sep 16 15 10:25 AM

Not yet. I have a very slow internet connection at the moment. Also there was some minor tournament happening in Italy in that period which may have attracted more coverage.

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Nov 9 15 8:13 PM

Yes. Teams cannot play more than 2 matches in a FIFA window (first match against Vanuatu is outside FIFA window, second match is inside). I guess they did not want to travel to Solomon Islands for only one match. Solomon Islands want to play the 2 matches against Fiji some time in 2016.

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Nov 9 15 10:36 PM

Once again FIFA hampers football in this region. All those Fijians playing for Barcelona would be too tired by their long flights.

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