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Feb 19 08 5:52 PM

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1966 2.12 Bangui: Zaire-Gabon 4-3
1967 4.1.Libreville: Gabon-Zaire 1-0
1967 28.3. Libreville Gabon-Cote d' Ivoire 0-3
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Nov 15 12 10:05 AM

Gabon-Portugal 2-2

Congratulations to The Panthers!!

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Sep 14 15 12:41 AM

Gabon used their "CHAN" team for the 12.9 match against Rwanda (also for the 8.9 match against Zambia). They used their main national team against Sudan on 5.9.  FIFA counts both matches as official A matches.

The A team could not travel to Zambia and Rwanda due to lack of a decent flight, so a local-based team was sent instead.

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