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Aug 3 14 9:18 AM

02/08/2014 San Marino - San Marino Calcio (italian lega-pro team, 3th level of italian football league) 1-1

31/07/14 San Marino - AC Bellaria Igea Marina (italian serie d team, 4th level of italian football league) 2-0

Next matches:
05/08/2014 vs. Santarcangiolese (italian lega-pro team, 3th level of italian football league)
06/08/2014 vs. Sammaurese (italian eccellenza emilia romagna team, 5th level of italian football league)


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#24 [url]

Aug 11 14 12:07 AM

It's just warming up, getting a team spirit together. I wouldn't say England are significantly better than a lower league club, based on recent form.

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Apr 25 15 6:29 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, the following picture can be defined without doubt legendary. It shows a moment of the match San Marino-Turkey 0-0, played on March 10, 1993 and valid for the 1994 World Cup qualifiers.
That was the first point conquered by San Marino in their World Cup history!


Source: Guerin Sportivo 11 from 1993.

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Feb 18 17 11:46 PM

To be fair, my ideas come from excel spreadsheets, rather than from watching any of those teams play (which is a shame really, with so many great highlight reels around). But on average, against the same level of opposition Andorra tend to lose by just about one goal less than San Marino, so that makes them slightly less bad. I would rate the minnows of Europe as Andorra > Gibraltar > San Marino.

With San Marino playing at home they might just have an edge, though it still is a very close match to call. At least that's what my overly complicated statistical modelling tells me.

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#29 [url]

Feb 21 17 10:49 PM

According to my less complicated statistics, if Andy Selva plays then San Marino could win, but I think Andorra are better at actual football (assuming that is what is being attempted in this case) so I am going for an Andorra 2-0.

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Feb 21 17 10:57 PM

Mabel thinks both teams will field more of their youthful exuberant attacking players (who never normally get a game) instead of the crusty old hoofers, so she doubts that the usual performances of the teams will be relevant for this match. She is going for a 1-1 draw. I told her she analyzes too much...

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Feb 24 17 8:11 PM

I don't understand why SM didn't field Andy Selva. They surely know that they don't have anybody else who has any football ability. There is no excuse for leaving him out (even if he is injured, retired, or in jail or something).

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