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Apr 12 08 1:26 PM

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Hong Kong-Macau
37 Macau 3-1 Hong Kong (Hong Kong second division players)
38 Hong Kong 3-5 Macau (Hong Kong second division players)
39.4.18 Macau 0-2 Hong Kong
40.3.24 Hong Kong 6-3 Macau
41.4.20 Macau 1-0 Hong Kong
47.3.9 Hong Kong 4-3 Macau
48.3.30 Macau 2-1 Hong Kong
49.5.7 Hong Kong 7-0 Macau
50.3.26 Macau 1-2 Hong Kong
51.3.25 Hong Kong 5-0 Macau
52.4.19 Macau 3-0 Hong Kong
53.4.11 Hong Kong 4-1 Macau
54.4.4 Macau 3-2 Hong Kong
55.4.3 Hong Kong 7-3 Macau
56.4.1 Macau 3-5 Hong Kong
57.4.21 Hong Kong 7-2 Macau
58.4.6 Macau 1-3 Hong Kong
59.3.29 Hong Kong 6-1 Macau (formal Hong Kong NT were in Philippines (Asian Cup qualifiers) )
60.4.17 Macau 0-3 Hong Kong
61.4.16 Hong Kong 7-1 Macau
63.5.5 Macau 3-4 Hong Kong
64.3.30 Hong Kong 3-1 Macau (Hong Kong XI)
65.5.2 Macau 2-3 Hong Kong
66.5.8 Hong Kong 4-2 Macau
68.4.29 Macau 2-2 Hong Kong
69.5.11 Hong Kong 5-1 Macau (Hong Kong youth team)
70.5.24 Macau 3-1 Hong Kong (Hong Kong U-23 Team)
71.5.5 Hong Kong 3-1 Macau
72.6.11 Macau 1-5 Hong Kong
73.5.23 Hong Kong 1-0 Macau (formal Hong Kong NT were in South Korea (World Cup qualifiers) )
74.4.21 Macau 2-3 Hong Kong
75.5.1 Hong Kong 7-0 Macau
76.5.23 Macau 0-2 Hong Kong
77.5.7 Hong Kong 2-0 Macau
78.6.11 Macau 0-4 Hong Kong
79.5.6 Hong Kong 5-0 Macau (formal Hong Kong NT were in Thailand (Asian Cup qualifiers)
80.6.1 Macau 0-2 Hong Kong
81.6.24 Hong Kong 3-1 Macau
82.5.9 Macau 1-0 Hong Kong
83.7.1 Hong Kong 1-0 Macau
84.6.17 Macau 0-3 Hong Kong
85.6.1 Hong Kong 2-0 Macau
86.5.31 Macau 2-3 Hong Kong
87.5.31 Hong Kong 5-0 Macau
88.5.15 Macau 0-2 Hong Kong (most Hong Kong NT players were in a friendly match against Coventry City on 5.14)
89.5.13 Hong Kong 2-1 Macau
90.5.27 Hong Kong 0-0 Macau (Hong Kong Olympic Team)
91.5.14 Macau 1-3 Hong Kong ( Hong Kong Olympic Team)

Hong Kong-Singapore
52.4.26 Singapore 0-0 Hong Kong
52.4.27 Singapore 1-1 Hong Kong

53.1.24 Hong Kong 2-2 Singapore
53.1.25 Hong Kong 3-0 Singapore

54.4.17 Singapore 2-0 Hong Kong

54.11.27 Hong Kong 1-1 Singapore
54.11.28 Hong Kong 3-2 Singapore

56.4.7 Singapore 2-5 Hong Kong

56.11.24 Hong Kong 4-2 Singapore

58.4.19 Singapore 1-3 Hong Kong

60.11.16 Hong Kong 2-2 Singapore
60.11.19 Hong Kong 5-0 Singapore

62.6.9 Singapore 2-6 Hong Kong

63.11.20 Hong Kong 3-4 Singapore

64.7.4 Singapore 1-1 Hong Kong
64.7.5 Singapore 2-1 Hong Kong

65.12.5 Hong Kong 0-0 Singapore
65.12.7 Hong Kong 1-1 (extra time 1-2)Singapore

67.10.7 Singapore 4-0 Hong Kong

72.10.5 Hong Kong 2-3 Singapore

74.8.7 Singapore 0-1 Hong Kong

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#1 [url]

Apr 12 08 7:04 PM

17/10/1960 Macao 0-3 Hong Kong

The article said it was the 19th interport match between HK and Macao

As you can see from the teams below, there were a few foreign names, so perhaps they were "league selections".

Hongkong: Wright, Toledo, Szeto Yiu, Chan Fai-Hung, Lau Tim, Kwok Kam-Hung, Wong Chi-Keung, Lau Chi-Lam, Kwok Yau, Yiu Cheuk-Yin, Leung Wai-Hung.
Macao: Afonso, Lei Un, Chang Kok-Keong, F Cunha, Pedro, Atraca, Chan Kam-Kuan, Rocha, Cheong Meng-Kuan, Serro, Chiu Kam-Chao.

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#4 [url]

Apr 20 08 12:26 PM

1990s Hong Kong-Macau

92.6.14 Macau - Hong Kong (formal Hong Kong NT were in Canada)
93.6.13 Hong Kong 3-2 Macau (formal Hong Kong NT were in South Korea (World Cup qualifiers) )
94.5.18 Macau 2-1 Hong Kong (Hong Kong B Team)
95.5.18 Hong Kong 1-2 Macau (Hong Kong Olympic Team)
96.5.22 Macau 0-0 Hong Kong
97.5.24 Hong Kong 0-1 Macau (formal Hong Kong NT were in South Korea (World Cup qualifiers) )
99.5.9 Hong Kong 2-1 Macau (Hong Kong Olympic Team)

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#5 [url]

Apr 20 08 12:27 PM

2000.5.28 Macau 0-1 Hong Kong
2001.6.2 Hong Kong 3-0 Macau (Hong Kong All CHina Games Representative Team)
2002.4.21 Macau 0-2 Hong Kong (Hong Kong Youth (U23) Rep Team)
2004.5.22 Hong Kong 6-0 Macau (Hong Kong Olympic Team)
2004.6.13 Macau 1-2 Hong Kong (Hong Kong Olympic Team)

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Posts: 5,503 Site Admin

#9 [url]

Jun 27 08 3:53 PM

Match was deleted because Hong Kong did not play with their national side. They used their U-23 team. U-23 matches do not count as official A internationals, for obvious reasons. None of the East Asian Games team was used by Hong Kong in the World Cup 2010 qualifiers.

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#10 [url]

Nov 14 08 11:50 AM

I post more results

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#14 [url]

Nov 24 09 10:49 PM

What sort of teams played the match on 3/6/2006, Macao 0-0 Hong Kong ?

The game is not listed on the Macao list:
nor the Hong Kong list:

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#15 [url]

Apr 28 10 11:49 PM

Re: Hong Kong-Macau , Hong Kong-Singapore interports

Tanaka wrote:
Hong Kong-Macau
48.3.30 Macau 2-1 Hong Kong

In the "China Mail", it says 29/3/48 Macau 4-2 Hong Kong (halftime (0-2).

Another Hong Kong team was in Saigon at the same time, for the Interport there.
Team for Saigon: 3 Chinese players in squad.
Team for Macao: 10 Chinese players, including several China 1948 Olympic team players.
Both teams were strong squads.

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#16 [url]

Sep 14 10 12:29 PM

nfm24 wrote:
What sort of teams played the match on 3/6/2006, Macao 0-0 Hong Kong ?

The game is not listed on the Macao list:
nor the Hong Kong list:

Maybe I'll answer my own question: Hong Kong U23, Macao A ?

South China Morning Post
June 4, 2006 Sunday
HK fail to break interport deadlock

Hong Kong's under-23 squad were given a harsh lesson in reality when they were held to a goalless draw by Macau in yesterday's interport match - the first time in eight years that the trophy has not returned to Hong Kong.

Macau's rough play and some dubious calls by the Macanese referee worked against Hong Kong's youngsters but, in the end, they had no one to blame but themselves for missing a host of quality chances at the Macau University of Science and Technology.

The interport rules state that no extra time is to be played and in the event of a draw, the honours are shared.

Hong Kong coach Lai Sun-cheung, who used the match to prepare for the Asian Games in December, said it was a good experience for his young outfit. "In international away matches, you are bound to come across physical home teams and, perhaps, biased referees.

"What you need to do is adjust mentally and physically when facing these unfavourable conditions so that you can come out on top. That's exactly what our boys needed to learn today," he said.

Hong Kong were deprived of an opening goal in the 20th minute when Leung Chun-pong was brought down inside the penalty area, while Yip Wai-ho's goal in the 35th minute was first approved but then disallowed after the referee changed his mind, apparently for a foul on a defender.

Striker Chan Siu-ki also wasted a number of chances after his close-range shots twice went across the face of the goal in the first half. His header in the 63rd minute hit the post before falling into the arms of Macau goalkeeper Domingos Chan, who plays for Hong Kong side Xiangxue Sun Hei.

Lai said a 30-member Hong Kong squad comprised of the senior and under-23 sides would be picked next month for an overseas training camp as part of their preparations for the Asian Cup qualifying tournament in September as well as the Asian Games.

Buler Rangers' friendly against English Premier League side Bolton has been brought forward one day to August 5. Bolton arrive in Hong Kong on August 1.

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#18 [url]

Nov 19 12 7:34 PM

Tanaka wrote:
1990s Hong Kong-Macau
92.6.14 Macau - Hong Kong (formal Hong Kong NT were in Canada)

Hong Kong (B team) won 1-0, incidentally. Macao fielded its full team, which had just come back from Asian Cup qualifiers in Pyongyang.

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#20 [url]

Sep 24 16 8:39 PM

8.10 Macau - Hong Kong (B)
The 72th HK-Macau Interport will be held in Macau University of Science and Technology Stadium.

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