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Jun 19 08 10:08 AM

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First and most important: I am very happy, that the rankings on Roon Ba are updated again regularly!

I have detected a tiny mistake in the display of the rankings: On the Roon-Ba page Home Russia has already the right ranking and rating: 13 Russia 2138, but on the Roon-Ba page Rankings Russia has already the right ranking, but still the old rating: 13 Russia 2107

I was not very surprised to see that Spain's rating declined a little because of the very narrow win against Greece, but I was surprised to see that the ratings of Spain and Greece declined because of their encounter.
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Jun 20 08 3:13 PM


This is because the ranking system has been changed slightly. I am constantly trying to improve it, and after trying the old system for a while - there were 2 major flaws. The first one I attempted to fix was the start rating for the teams - which I have made the program calculate, rather than assigning a value by 'educated guess'.
The second one was that the ranking was slightly too active when recent results were considered, because I had the system - 10 for latest match, 9 for 2nd latest match, back to 1 for 10th latest match, so the latest match was worth 10 times more points than the 10th most recent match.
The new system treats all 10 matches as equal, giving the ranking a bit more stability. So, for example, when Greece lost to Spain, they lost the 5-0 win against Malta on 17th November 2007 from their record, and before this, they lost a very good 1-0 win away to Turkey on 17th October.

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Jun 20 08 4:07 PM

Aha! I think i understand.

[But for me, to be sure: when Greece lost to Spain, they lost the good 1-0 win away to Turkey on 17th October from their record. They will loose their win against Malta, when they play next time.]

[Edit: My mistake, I first missed the match Greece - Czechia, because Fifa does not recognize the match anymore]

Anyhow in myopinion this decline in the rating of both fits the dissapointing result for Greece (as well as for Spain).

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