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Jul 17 08 11:20 PM

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we all love football, and for me playing football in extreme conditions (heavy snow, heavy rain, extreme heat or cold....) stimulate, and give the world wide game another dimension....anyway do you know that the first game in the world cup was played under snow???

i want From all of the forum users, to share with us games that was played in extreme climat conditions, and discuss it as a part of the wonderful game, i'll start and hope you'll continue

Djibouti:Egypt 2008 WCQ played under extreme heat 43degrees (as the egyptian speaker said) the game was one sided, and the cameraman of djibouti tv was a sleep zzzzzzzzzz

AL Hilal (Sud):Es Tunis (Tun) african champions league 1999: played under unhuman conditions, the sudanese team wanted to win the game no matter how, so they programmed the game at 2pm, although it was 46 degrees the game was so fast and so full with events, final score 3/3

Latvia: Turkey ECQ 2004:played on the frozen pitch of skonto stadium, it was -5 degrees, and latvia leaded by one goal....

Estonia: Canada, played under heavy snow, we can see all the pitch was white, estonia won 2:0

Hong Kong: Kuwait, played on a pitch drowned with water, i don't know how the ref let the play go, but the game was like a water polo game, it endeD 0/2

So ....let's see what you have!!!!

thx in advance

"....And the smarter ones beetween us, are those who find out about their social stupidity earlier...." Abd daim !!!!

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Jul 18 08 7:43 AM

18/1/2000 Israel Toto Cup Quarter final (similar to League Cup in many countries):
Hapoel Haifa vs Hapoel Ironi Rishon Lezion 1-1 asdet.
Both teams stood for penalty shootouts but the wind was so strong that the referee stopped the game at 1-0 to Rishon-Lezion because the players couldn't stabilize the ball on the penalty spot...
A replay was played a week later.

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Mar 18 09 8:30 PM

07-12-1966 Ajax 5-1 Liverpool, played in heavy fog. It is said most of the crowd haven't seen any goal scored.

23-01-1980 Spain 1-0 Netherlands, played at a waterlogged pitch in Vigo. When electricity falled out after 18 minutes French referee Bacou decided the game will be off as the lights are not on after 15 minutes. Which did not happen, so Dutch players took a shower and went to the bus to go home. But after 66 min minutes the lights were working again and the Dutch players were ordered to play the remaining 72 minutes as the Spaniards insisted the game must go on anyhow.

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Mar 19 09 5:32 PM

Aki13 wrote:
I bet the Netherland players didn't enjoy the rest of the match.

They didn't enjoy the whole match. Dutch FA was not amused as Spanish FA decided to play the match in Vigo, where's a lot of rainfall in the winter. Dutch FA preferred to play in Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid.

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Mar 20 09 9:13 AM

Stanza13 wrote:
Padova-Brescia, Italy

Did someone offered bath suites to the goalkeepers ?

I aten't dead !

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Dec 7 11 7:24 PM

The match Estudiantes de La Plata-Milan 2-1, valid for the Intercontinental Cup 1969, was one of the most violent events in the history of football. In fact, after the first goal scored by Milan, the Argentinean players lost their minds and began a never-ending brawl. After the game, three Estudiantes players were even arrested. During a recent interview, former Milan striker Pierino Prati declared: «That night we were very close to a tragedy. We have been very lucky to safe our lives». He didn't exaggerate - please take a look at Milan forward Nestor Combin after that match...


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Jun 29 12 10:23 PM

I remember watching a turkey cup game in January 2011. It was mad. The whole pitch was covered with snow and ice. Players were sliding like in Ice Hockey. And the game wasn't postponed or something. It ended 0-0.

Remember this as well. Madness. Watch after 30th. sec.

And this:

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#15 [url]

Jul 16 12 7:03 PM

Poor quality but this is the worst conditions ive seen. They may as well have played in the river.

A Chelmsford City Fan

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Oct 17 12 9:16 AM

Yesterday's match Qatar-Uzbekistan 0-1 valid for the World Cup qualifying, was interrupted twice by the referee because of the hot temperatures.

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Oct 17 12 11:11 AM

Luca wrote:
Yesterday's match Qatar-Uzbekistan 0-1 valid for the World Cup qualifying, was interrupted twice by the referee because of the hot temperatures.

Clearly the air conditioned stadium isn't ready yet...
Yesterday Poland vs England was postponed until today because of a waterlogged pitch - ridiculous because the stadium has a roof but they decided not to close it...

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Dec 13 12 10:28 AM

Today is the 25th anniversary of the unbelievable 1987 Intercontinental Cup between Porto and Peñarol, played during an authentic snowstorm. This event entered legend.

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