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Mar 24 13 10:18 AM

new strategy of the USA to play in cold regions without to much supporters of Central America....they do not mind low attendances of their own supporters....I understand it but I do not like it...(never liked US soccer)

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Mar 25 13 12:10 PM

I know most teams do this: heat, altitude, etc...but I prefer to see football loving countries at the WC, rather then the USA, but I doubt they will not finish in the first 3 of CONCACAF......Anyway hope to see some upsets

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Mar 25 13 2:24 PM

Well - I know what you mean. But the players who represent the USA at football do love football. The only thing that will turn the USA into a football-loving country is if their team does well. If the USA don't qualify for the World Cup, it will have a negative effect on the chances of football becoming more popular in the States. Look at the women's national team - they are no.1 in the world and are very popular. Remember, football was not always popular in other countries. Sports generally become more popular when the national team gets more exposure.

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Mar 25 13 7:43 PM

Costa Rica will ask FIFA for a replay.

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Mar 25 13 7:52 PM

but they agreed to play on, it seems, so they will not have a chance to replay; the conditions were not so extreme, but a giant country like the US must not use this kind of tricks to qualify; they can play in decent stadiums , the public has the right to have a normal game....I think I will never like them, sorry, it is not my favourite team

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Mar 26 13 10:01 AM

TheRoonBa wrote:
Most countries use any conditions they can to their benefit. The Latin American countries are no different.

I agree: South Americans are masters of provocations and the "arm" they use most is fans' excitement. I've recently read an interesting book called Il Paròn (a sort of biography dedicated to the famous coach Nereo Rocco), where a former AC Milan's player reveals that before the 1969 Intercontinental Cup match Estudiantes-AC Milan 2-1, some Argentinean fans went into AC Milan's dressing-room grasping machetes and screaming: «¡¡¡A muerte, a muerte!!!». Unbelievable...
The USA's tricks are just rose-water, if we compare them with some South American systems, believe me Pieter...

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Mar 26 13 2:34 PM

To return to the subject: the conditions in China -Iraq on friday were worse: this game should have been stopped......

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