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Sep 16 08 9:48 PM

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watching a game is so sacred to me, so i'm sure everyone has his rituals, when it comes to watch a game" on TV or in The stadium" so share it with us

for me the most thing that i like is saturday's international games " mostly europe" it begins with scotland and wales games in 3pm and it ends late on ZDF watching all the goals, i try to watch all the game on live or at least the results, and i really enjoy it

when it comes, to Tunisia national team games, i'd rather to watch it alone , and i'm serious about out , but my family is so used too that i wouldn't have to tell them to leave..

i don't have a favourite shirt , or lucky ' teddy bear' , but i just watch the game and curse all alone

i hope you'll share......


"....And the smarter ones beetween us, are those who find out about their social stupidity earlier...." Abd daim !!!!

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Sep 18 08 2:19 PM

In the stadium I like to stand up, not to sit..
At home in the evening I like some company and a good beer...
I mostly chose a team to support (like the underdog)..

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Sep 18 08 4:40 PM

Depends on who im watching:

If its Inverness im watching I like to have a sing and shout which is the same with Scotland as i like to stand throughout the match and sing.

Any other team i will sit and watch the game in near silence while passing on the odd coment. I dont mind having company but at times I do like to watch a game by myself. At home a couple of beers and something to eat makes the game all the better.

I used to when I was younger bring a lucky scarf which when I took we won but now I don't beleive in such things but I still take a scarf when it's cold which is quite often in Scotland haha.

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Feb 2 09 5:38 PM

I don't go often to stadiums. Last match I saw live on the stand was Germany-Poland in Dortmund during last World Cup. At home I love to turn off the sound on my tv-set for two reasons. Firstly commentators use to turn out themselves to be laymen, secondly it's a great oppotunity to turn classical music on and connect two things I mostly love. Just try it! It fits together perfectly.

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Feb 2 09 5:45 PM

At big tournaments, about five miniutes before the national anthems will be played I put Franky go to Hollywood's "Two Tribes" on my CD. During the second half of the 1984 European Championships opening matchFrance - Denmark the song came into my head spontaneously. Just later I realised something symbolic. A match between two sides we can see as something betwee two tribes.

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Feb 6 09 6:15 PM

EL G wrote:
I'm irresistibly charming and very very very modest (French in fact )
Haha well Scots aren't known for been very romantic or in way shape or form good at keeping women.

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Feb 7 09 10:30 AM

Right now , i don't have a one to complain .....So haliluia i Curse, i hit the TV and i certainly have no bad feelings, or regrets !!!!!

"....And the smarter ones beetween us, are those who find out about their social stupidity earlier...." Abd daim !!!!

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