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Sep 29 08 10:12 PM

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I think will be good make a fusion between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF. So it will be composed by 3 regional confederations: Suoth America, Central America, North and Central America and the Caribbean . If so one day became true will be good to organize the Panamerican Cup like this:
-20 teams (including the host nation) divided into 5 groups of 4 teams where the first placed and one second best placed reach the quarterfinals, and the other four runners up plays a play off to determine the other 2 quarterfinalists.
-8 teams from North and Central America (including eventually the host nation)
-4 places from Caribbean (including eventually the host nation)
-8 from South America (including eventually the host nation)

For the FIFA World Cup the Panamerican zone will have got 8 places.
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Sep 30 08 11:57 AM

A fusion is not needed to held a PanAmerican Championship. Two CONCACAF teams already play the Copa America. It would need to increase the number of teams from 12 to 16.

About WC it would be very bad, with 8 teams coming from CONMEBOL/CONCACAF, probably 6 or 7 would be from South America. Caribbean teams would not have a chance to qualify.

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Oct 1 08 6:18 AM

it would be a good thing for every country involved: USA and Mexico will have finally a challenge, the Conmebol has only 10 members and could oragnise a real continental championship with 16 teams and preliminaries, the Central American teams will be able to play stronger opponentsand will grow and sometimes will have achance to qualify, just as the big guns in the Caribbean. The minnows will benefit from the financial possibilities and will have a chance to play big opponents, just like in Europe were San Marino can play Germany or England...
For the AFC-OFC it is the same but the benefits will only be for Oceania, but a bigger confederation can get more influence in FIFA and more WC seats ... If this merger does not occur, New Zealand will follow Australia to AFC (it is only a matter of time) and what with the OFC ?

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Oct 1 08 11:46 AM

I totally agree.

A qualifying round played on regional basis will be positive also for African Cup of Nations: lower travel costs and better geographycal rapresentance. Could be done, for example, as here: Zone1 3 places, Zone2 2 places, Zone3 4 places, Zone4 2 places, Zone5 2 places, Zone6 3 places.

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Oct 1 08 3:51 PM

for Caribbean football it would be the end.
How many Caribbean teams will play the final round of CONCACAF?

Why don't you make that zonal exercise for Europe too? I do it for you

Central Zone: BEL, LUX, NED, GER, AUS, LIE
Balkan Zone: SLO, CRO, BOS, SRB, MNE, MKD, ALB
Mediterrean: MAL, CYP, GRE, TUR, BUL, ROM, ISR
Scandinavia: DEN, SWE, FIN, NOR, EST, LIT, LAT
Eastern Europe: CZE, HUN, SVK, POL, BLS, MDA

Each zone quafiying 2 teams. Do you think it would be fair? just take a look to that SW Zone with 4 of the top 10 teams of the world.

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Oct 1 08 5:02 PM

I don't think that for Europe is needed a regional system because Europen continent is not big so the travel cost are not high. And the system that you proposed don't give a selection on quality standards...

I think it wil be not the end for the caribbean zone...they will have 4 places for the major continental tournament...and I think it will be not impossible for them to qualify for the World Cup with 8 places.

A Panamerican Championship will be beautifoul...I think...I love Gold Cup but, as you can see, is dominated by USA and Mexico (9 editions 8 won by USA and MEX).

However, Calapez, my vision and your vision are only different point of view...are both respectable!

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Oct 1 08 9:44 PM

of course, both are respectable.

I just don't like qualifyings inside confederation based on spots per zones. If they are inside a confederation they are suppose to be treat the same way, and not have (dis)advantage due to their location.

About Caribbean teams, i doubt. If they don't have the quality to be in the top 6 of the CONCACAF, how can you imagine they would be in the top-8 of CONCACAF + CONMEBOL?

If you remove USA and Mexico, how many teams in CONCACAF could beat Colombia, Uruguay, Chile or Ecuador? And i don't even talk about the top-3 Paraguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

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Oct 1 08 10:48 PM

Ok, but don't you think that a South American team, for example not qualified for the World Cup, have disadvantege due to their geographycal zone if they are better than, for example, a Caribbean team qualified for the World Cup?

However Marco I really like this debate

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Oct 1 08 11:45 PM

In one hand you are saying you like everyone be represented in the competition, but now you are saying you prefer to have more teams from South America instead of Caribbean teams.

I love the football in the minor countries, Caribbean and Oceania, but that's a tricky question. You have to keep that teams motivated, if you don't do that, they will lost their interest.
That's why a 0.5 is given to Oceania, if they don't do that, what would be the motivation of that countries? Do you expect NZ to be present in Africa, i bet they won't qualify.

I agree with spots per confederation, because it's a world cup. if it was just based in quality, AFC and CONCACAF would have just 2 spots and OFC 0. But that would not be good for the football arround the world. Every one says that the group stage in the EuroCup is harder to play than the group stage of a World Cup.

But inside a confederation it's different. Everyone must be equal. With your proposal, you would develop the football in South America and stop the evolution in the Caribbean.

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Oct 2 08 8:08 AM

However I don't know if one day CONMEBOL and CONCACAF will be united. Maybe Copa America tournament will invite more teams from CONCACAF: this will be a good result already. Instead I think that a fusion betwen AFC and OFC is not very far...

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Jul 26 11 1:34 PM

There are serious rumours about a16 team Copa Americas in 2015 (in Brasil, Chili, Bolivia or Mexico): the first tournament would include the 10 SA teams and 6 from CONCACAF (determined with qualifiyng groups); the next editions could have qualifiying groups for everyone....I stehre any more newes on this project?

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Mar 8 13 10:47 AM

pieter wrote:
There are serious rumours about a16 team Copa Americas in 2015 (in Brasil, Chili, Bolivia or Mexico): the first tournament would include the 10 SA teams and 6 from CONCACAF (determined with qualifiyng groups); the next editions could have qualifiying groups for everyone....I stehre any more newes on this project?

Yes, it seems that in 2016 (in occasion of CONMEBOL's century), CONMEBOL and CONCACAF will organize together the Copa América Centenario, a competition which will see the presence of the 10 South American teams and the best 6 countries of CONCACAF. But let's wait a bit – in South America everything can happen when we talk about organization...

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