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Jan 14 11 11:46 PM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
trekky76 wrote:
I was looking for that match on NSZ website and it's mentioned as played 1921-06-23 between France and Slovenia League XI (5-0).

where do you find this on the NSZ website? I cannot find this.

I didn't save the link but it's on the history page (English version). Try google.

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Jun 15 13 11:05 AM

Please take care the dates in Sport-Tagblatt may not be correct. In the Sport-Tagblatt 30 December 1922 edition a list of all important matches played in 1922. The two Norway v France matches are wrong. Norway did not beat France 3-2 in Stavanger on 10 June 1922 as you can read in this topic Norway 7-0 France, 11 June 1922 . This match was already reported in Dutch newspaper Het Vaderland of 8 June 1922. The 7-0 win of Norway is according to Sport-Tagblatt played on 14 June 1922, but this match was played three days before. Also the date of Netherlands 1-2 Belgium i.e. is wrongly reported. This match was played on 7 May 1922, not 17 May 1922.

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Jun 24 15 3:11 PM

trekky76 wrote:
Fast Midfielder wrote:
trekky76 wrote:I was looking for that match on NSZ website and it's mentioned as played 1921-06-23 between France and Slovenia League XI (5-0).

where do you find this on the NSZ website? I cannot find this.

I didn't save the link but it's on the history page (English version). Try google.

I re-start this page, after long time, because I'm interested in France's matches during early years.
The referred link is probably
BTW I guess the right date is June 16, not 23. In fact, if the previous match, in the tour, was vs Serbia on 10th, the 16th date in Slovenia is more realistic.
But, of course, the question is: did France play other (un)official matches?  In "Gallica" (France's National Biblioteque) I can check "L'echo de Paris" and "Le Figaro", but they don't seem be much interested in football (at those years). L'"Auto" (then "Equipe") is not on line. Any suggestion? Anyone knows more about that tour?

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Jun 25 15 8:38 AM

nfm24 wrote:
Maybe one of the Cazals' books might discuss French matches like this. Or perhaps the French library has old sports magazines.

I checked "Gallica" (digital French library) in "Presse Sportive" Section.
The only reliable "item" is "Football Association": a very good weekly magazine, but only available, unfortunately, for the years 1920 and 1922.

Did you get reply to your request, in this topic, about "a list of  France unofficial matches vs Clubs/Regional Teams"?

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Jun 25 15 12:25 PM

Here is a quick list combined from various rough files. Most matches not checked so caveats apply.

[not included pre-1920, visit to Yugoslavia 1921 and matches vs Catalonia]

30-May-1923 France 1-6 Rangers
15-Mar-1925 France 1-7 Paulistano
19-Mar-1925 France 0-0 Nacional
4-Jun-1925 France 0-6 Nacional
- -1927 France bt Marseille
25-Jul-1930 Nacional 2-3 France
30-Jul-1930 Santos 6-1 France
18-May-1933 France 3-1 Bristol Rovers
11-Apr-1937 France 2-5 Charlton Athletic
20-May-1953 France 2-1 América RJ
1-Nov-1954 France 0-3 Maghreb XI
1-Jun-1958 Swedish Regional XI 0-12 France
13-Sep-1961 France 6-0 Servette
-Sep-1963 France 3-2 Standard Liege
25-Aug-1965 France 2-2 Eintracht Frankfurt
30-Jun-1966 Gala Fairydean 1-8 France
4-Jun-1966 Vale of Leithen 0-8 France
6-Jul-1966 Selkirk 2-11 France
28-Feb-1967 France 0-2 Corsica
17-May-1967 France 3-3 Hannover 96
27-Aug-1968 France 1-1 Bayern Munchen
2-Apr-1969 France 4-3 Real Madrid
23-Aug-1969 France 4-2 Hvidovre IF
18-Jan-1971 Coritiba FC 2-1 France
21-Jan-1971 SC Internacional 1-3 France
24-Jan-1971 Universitario Deportes 0-0 France
11-Jun-1972 France 5-0 CONCACAF
14-Jun-1972 France 2-0 CAF
19-Mar-1974 France 0-2 Anderlecht
28-Mar-1974 France 9-0 Variétés Club de France
21-Apr-1974 France 8-0 Variétés Club de France
23-Apr-1974 France 1-0 Ajax
20-Aug-1974 France 0-0 1.FC Koln
31-Aug-1974 France 4-2 Benfica
21-May-1975 France 3-0 QPR
19-Aug-1975 France 3-1 Real Madrid
8-Oct-1975 France 0-0 Hamburg
24-Aug-1976 France 4-2 Borussia Monchengladbach
6-Oct-1976 PSG 0-1 France
26-Mar-1977 PSG 3-3 France
3-Jul-1977 Atlético Mineiro 3-1 France
24-Aug-1977 France 4-2 Hamburg
12-Aug-1978 France 1-0 Anderlecht
4-Oct-1978 PSG 2-2 France
21-Aug-1979 France 4-1 Bayern Munchen
3-Sep-1980 France 1-0 Juventus
18-Aug-1981 France 1-3 Stuttgart
2-Nov-1981 PSG 1-1 France
15-Nov-1981 France 3-1 Auxerre
29-May-1982 Andorra CF 1-2 France
8-Jun-1982 France 2-0 Andorra CF
11-Jun-1982 Real Sociedad 1-3 France
24-Aug-1983 France 1-0 Penarol
26-May-1984 Andorra CF 0-9 France
29-May-1984 France 5-1 Andorra CF
10-Jun-1984 France 3-0 French Military
5-Sep-1984 France 0-1 Inter Milan
14-Jul-1985 Bordeaux 3-2 France
24-May-1986 Mexico Youth 1-1 France
28-May-1986 Pumas UNAM 2-0 France
23-May-1988 France 2-2 World XI
14-Feb-1989 Arsenal 2-0 France
18-Jan-1990 Al-Qadissiya 0-3 France
19-Jan-1993 Sporting Lisboa 0-2 France
19-Apr-1993 Lyon 1-4 France
1-Jun-1998 HJK 1-3 France
30-May-1999 France 2-2 World XI
16-Aug-2000 France 5-1 FIFA
22-May-2002 Urawa Red Diamonds 1-5 France
27-May-2002 Anyang LG Cheetahs 1-2 France
1-Jun-2006 France 6-2 UNFP

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#29 [url]

Jun 25 15 3:09 PM

From my "scratching off" Gallica (Echo de Paris):
Feb. 5th 1936 Paris (Colombes) . France - Beogradski SK 3-1 ; in preparation for match vs Czechoslovakia on Feb. 9th 1936 (0-3).

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#32 [url]

Apr 10 17 11:35 PM

I was happy with that myself, but then I saw that the Slovenian FA website spells it using both versions on different pages.

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