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May 31 15 1:52 AM

nfm24 wrote:
The answers are in the same link :-)

I'm picking up bad habits...

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Jul 2 15 6:09 AM

I know, but it is also mentioned "e waganan di Antias contra di Haïti tabata conta tambe pa cualification di CONCACAF nations cup 1963"

anyway on RSSF not all of the 6 games are mentioned

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Jul 3 15 6:12 AM

The football festival in Jamaica 1963 consisted of a tournament (Seaga Cup) and some extra matches.
The tournament was a single round-robin between Jamaica, Haiti and the Netherlands Antilles.
Mexico was also invited but was not able to make the trip.
The winner would play a Chilean team (NT? selection? club team?) and the runners-up would play the reserves of the Chileans. (The Chileans would stop in Jamaica on their way to a tour incl. San Francisco, Hong Kong and Honolulu). In the end matches of Chile cancelled and replaced with replays.
It the newspaper reports nowhere is mentioned it were qualifiers for the CONCACAF Nations Cup.
Original schema:
Feb. 23 Jamaica vs Haiti
Feb. 25 Combined Reserves of Haiti and Netherland Antilles vs Jamaica Reserves
Feb. 27 Netherland Antilles vs Jamaica
Mar. 2  Haiti vs Netherland Antilles
Mar. 4 Chilean Reserves vs Runners up of Tourney and Chileans vs Winner of Tournament
Added attraction:
Feb. 25 Haitian XI vs St. George's Old Boys


Friday 23 February 1963: Jamaica vs Haiti 3-2

Monday 25 February 1963: Jamaica B vs Haiti B 1-6 (extra match outside the tournament)
St. George's Old Boys (Jamaica) vs Netherlands Antilles B/Haiti B comb. 1-2 (extra match outside the tournament)

Wednesday 27 February 1963: Jamaica vs Netherlands Antilles 1-2

Saturday 2 March 1963: Haiti vs Netherlands Antilles 0-0 (Haitian goal disallowed within minutes of the final whistle)

Monday 4 March 1963: Jamaica vs Netherlands Antilles 1-2 (rematch outside the tournament)

Wednesday 6 March 1963: Jamaica vs Haiti 0-3 (rematch outside the tournament)


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Jul 3 15 10:54 AM

pieter wrote:
in the Aruba book on Ange Perez, there is a match in 1962  Aruba-Haïti 1

18 April 1962 Oranjestad, Aruba - Haiti 1-1
(Nieuw Suriname, 24 April 1962) (scroll a bit down)


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Jul 5 15 9:18 PM

Sensini wrote:
pieter wrote:
in the Aruba book on Ange Perez, there is a match in 1962  Aruba-Haïti 1

18 April 1962 Oranjestad, Aruba - Haiti 1-1
(Nieuw Suriname, 24 April 1962) (scroll a bit down)

The days before this match club side l'Etoille Haitienne played two matches on neighbouring Curaçao:
15 April 1962 (Copa de Campeones CONCACAF 1962): SITHOC - l'Etoille Haitienne 6-0 (not 1-1 as on
16 April 1962 (friendly): Jong Holland - l'Etoille Haitienne 0-1
This makes me think it was not the Haiti national but l'Etoille Haitienne who played Aruba, but couldn't find confirmation on Le Nouvelliste.


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Jan 17 17 11:08 AM

Acoording to the RSSSF site the 1933 matches Aruba vs Curaçao have been played on 8 and 11 October. According to this report the first match is played on 8 October and the second one on a "Dinsdag" (Tuesday, so that one is played on 10 October.

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Mar 9 17 5:15 PM

Period 1921-1986  

I understood the following:

-CVB was founded in 1921 and became FIFA member in 1932

-despite that “Territory of Curaçao”-“Gebiedsdeel Curaçao” consisted of Curaçao (Island),  Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten, “de facto” CVB (and relevant NT) represented only Curaçao Island: this is proved by the presence of Aruban FA (AVB), founded in 1932, which represented Aruba and played many matches with the near FA’s.  

NAVB, founded in December 1941 and dissolved in 1946 didn’t modify the above situation.

In 1948, further to the change of name from “Gebiedsdeel Curaçao” to “Dutch Antilles”, CVB and its NT (still tagged “Curaçao” in FIFA) represented both Curaçao and Aruba and fielded players of the two Countries, while AVB fielded players only from Aruba.

In 1958 CVB an AVB merged in NAVU and the NT was called “Dutch Antilles”.  

BVB (Bonaire FA) was founded in 1960 and joined NAVU in 1963.

Finally Aruba split in 1986.

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Mar 10 17 8:51 PM

Giampaolo (and others),

The Curaçao FA (CVB) was both “de jure” and “de facto” the FA of the Curaçao island  only, not of the “Territory of Curaçao” (“Gebiedsdeel Curaçao”). Late 1958 this CVB and the AVB (Aruban FA) formed the NAVU, in 1963 joined by the BVB (Bonaire FA). CVB, AVB and BVB all three became subnational FA's and members of the NAVU. (The Sint Maarten Soccer Association, founded 1979, never joined NAVU).
However, the “Curaçaosche Bond voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding” (“Curaçao Association for Physical Education”), later “Nederlands-Antilliaanse Bond voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding” and even later “Nederlands-Antilliaans Olympisch Comité”, was resonsible for the olympic delegations of the “Territory of Curaçao”/Netherlands Antilles (all six islands together) participating in the Olympic Games, Pan-American Games and Central American and Caribbean Games.
So until late 1958 the Curaçao NT represented only the island of Curaçao, except for the olympic games (Olympic Games, Pan-American Games and Central American and Caribbean Games). Apart from that, in 1951 Curaço and Aruba were to sent a joint team as Netherlands Antilles to the CCCF Championship, however due to the polio epidemic in Panama they withdrew (like other nations). In the following CCCF Championship in 1953 they entered with a joint team, the only time Curaçao and Aruba played as Netherlands Antilles outside the various olympic games before the formation of NAVU.


Last Edited By: Sensini Mar 10 17 9:47 PM. Edited 3 times.

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#94 [url]

Mar 11 17 11:44 AM

Thanks for your detailed clarification.
It was necessary because, in the first post of this topic, I read "NA played untill 1948 as Curaçao, from 1948 onwards as NA. However, to make it a bit complicated after 1948 NA occasionally played as Curaçao. So they did when they went to Europe in 1958 as the Aruban refused to play for NA. At the time NA team usually fielded 8 Curaçaoan and 3 Aruban players."

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#95 [url]

Mar 19 17 2:05 PM

Meanwhile I have asked FFK if the matches mentioned in the Kòrsou book (matches 1921-2006) are considered as official by FFK.

To be honest I can't believe only Suriname regard their matches played against Holland in 1954 (the only matches the Dutch won at their 1954 trip to the West) and Curaçao (who notably won both matches against Holland) and Aruba (who played 2-2) don't. The response by the Aruban caused a lot of confusion, as they told me their match against Holland could not be official as AVB was part of NAVU at the time (1954), but Sensini's explanation is as clear as cristal.

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#96 [url]

Mar 29 17 9:32 PM

Meanwhile I just received an answer from FFK:

Beste Perry,

deze zijn vriendschappelijke wedstrijden tussen Nederland en Curacao.

In other words:

Dear Perry,

these matches are friendlies between Holland and Curaçao.

What a brilliant answer! Really brilliant!! None of us even could have thougt about this smiley: roll

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