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Aug 25 16 8:28 PM

After the Rio Olympics German magazine Kicker published an All Time Medal Ranking per country. According to Kicker Germany has won so far 428 golden medals at the Summer Olympics, which inlude (153) East German Olympic golden medals.

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Aug 29 16 6:24 PM

But Germany has actually won many more medals. That ranking starts from 1924, but in the previous editions of the Olympic Games Germany had competed as German Empire and had won further 22 Olympic titles (not counting the 1906 Intercalate Olympic Games).

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Aug 29 16 8:44 PM

1924 is a typo, should have been 1896 as the numbers of medals per country corresponds with the All Time totals per country. Link with this topic. Regarding the medals, Germany include the East German ones.

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#44 [url]

Aug 30 16 6:15 PM

In football, the matter is extremely unclear. UEFA, in the German Football Association's profile, counts the 1973/74 Cup Winners' Cup won by Magdeburg, but does not mention the European Under-18 Championship won by East Germany in 1986, that is to say the only UEFA national team title won by GDR as a separate country.

As to FIFA, if I remember correctly, they have always considered the unified Germany as the only West Germany's successor, keeping East Germany as a separate Football Association.

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Aug 30 16 7:06 PM

It depends if you go by the successor association, or the successor state.

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#46 [url]

Sep 1 16 2:30 PM

Not always as you can see on the various DFB lists. Regarding matches played, East and West are separated. Regarding the Record internationals and Topscorers list there is no separation at all. So DFB is not very consistent regarding this matter.

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#47 [url]

Sep 1 16 2:55 PM

 seems consistent because after the unification, some players from East played for their new country, so regarding the players that approach seems logical to me
as for the teams, the records must be separated because they played at the same period

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#48 [url]

Sep 1 16 3:49 PM

So the matches Matthias Sammer played for East Germany are not included in Germany's list of international matches but the matches he played and the goals he scored for East Germany are included in both Germany's Record internationals and Topscorers list.. This is not consistent at all.

BTW also a player like Joachim Streich, who played exclusively for East Germany is included in both Germany's Record internationals and Topscorers list.

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#50 [url]

Sep 1 16 6:20 PM

It is a case of having your cake and eating it.

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